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WTS: J4 jackets, .22 cal, .705, unopened cases I have one unopened case of J4 jackets, .22cal, .705".  10,400 jackets.  $650 shipped to US.  Still in the original box as shipped from Berger.  I can accept PayPal F&F or other forms of remuneration.  Please respond via email. reskite at pacbell dot net. Camino $650.00 USD
hydro bullet seater hydro bullet seater for sale: bullet seating gauge for use with wilson dies. can use up to .308 sized cases, if press has 6" opening. bleeder on top of piston can be used to pre-load gauge.  priced at $48 shipped. have several. thank you anacortes $48.00 USD
219 Donaldson Wasp Reloading Dies (8) 219 Donaldson Wasp Reloading Dies (8) I have the following 219 Donaldson Wasp reloading dies available to sell as one lot. I was going to pursue this classic wildcat years ago, but have since moved on to other projects. What's included is in the photos: (3) Wilson seater dies, an RCBS seater die, RCBS FL die (needs decapping rod), RCBS trim die, RCBS forming die #1, and an RCBS form die #2. I'd sell all as one lot for $98 shipped.  Please contact me on 610.564.3366 cell/text E.S.T. or at thekriebles at verizon.net Collegeville $0.00 USD
BIB, Berger, Knight .30 Cal Benchrest Bullets BIB, Berger, Knight .30 Cal Benchrest Bullets Assorted .30 Benchrest Bullets 1) Berger 135g moly coated - Aprrox 80  2) Knight 118g - Approx 164 3) BIB 150g - Aprrox 170 4) BIB 135g - Approx 74 5) BIB 118g - Approx 40 6) BIB 118g moly coated - Approx 340 $300.00 plus shipping Lakeland $300.00 USD
Cheek .30 Cal 118 Bullets - Approx 630 Cheek .30 Cal 118 Bullets - Approx 630 Sold Pending Funds - Cheek Benchrest Bullets - .30 Calliber 118 Bullets. Approx 630 moly coated.  $220.00 Plus shipping. Lakeland $220.00 USD
DeMonstoy 6mm  68g Bullets DeMonstoy 6mm 68g Bullets DeMonstoy 6 mm  68g bullets.  Approx 460 bullets.   $92.00 plus shipping. Lakeland $92.00 USD
Yankee and Berger Bullets Yankee and Berger Bullets 1. Yankee Bullets made by Dan Hornet of Kingston, TN. These 30 caliber bullets are 118 grain, and 8 ojive. There are 700 bullets at a cost of $30/hundred. Price includes shipping. 2. Berger bullets are 30 caliber, 135 grain and are coated. These bullets have been discontinued. There are 198 bullets at a cost of $30/hundred. Price includes shipping. 3. SOLD Berger bullets (#30421) are 30 caliber and 115 grain. There are 1,486 bullets at a cost of $30/hundred. These bullets have been sorted and 4 boxes contain bullets that vary by only .0015".  Price includes shipping New Ipswich, NH $0.00 USD
Benchrite Case Lathe Benchrite Case Lathe Our Case Lathe makes neck turning brass an easy, pleasant job instead of a necessary project to be dreaded and put off. This power turning system is the result of many years of using and experimenting with neck turning systems to find the best balance of speed, convenience, power, ease of use and quiet operation. The 1/20th HP gearmotor turns cases at 181 RPM with plenty of torque to prevent drag down when making large cuts. Cases are held by the updated case holder and spindle system which makes inserting, tightening and removing cases a snap. Heavy duty switch, 14 ga. power cord, professional finish and anti-vibration feet complete a tool made to perform perfectly for many years. The lathe system comes complete with large or small primer spindle and one case holder – specify cartridge. Instructions included, Made In USA. Please visit our NEW Web Site at www.benchrite.com Additional large or small spindle: $40.00 Additional case holders: $14.00 Shipping in USA: $8.95. Email: sales@benchrite.com Phone: 260-456-6809 Fort Wayne $495.00 USD