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Newest Classifieds in Reloading

Photo Title Description City Price
RCBS Charge Master RCBS Charge Master Model 1500, powder scale & dispenser. Lake Hopatcong $235.00 USD
Lyman powder system Lyman powder system Gren 5 electronic touch screen powder system NIB. Lake Hopatcong $199.00 USD
Bruno powder measure Bruno powder measure Used Stainless steel benchrest powder measure w/hopper bottle & drop tube. Lake Hopatcong $170.00 USD
Multi anvil micrometer Multi anvil micrometer Mitutoyo micrometer set-up w/sphere to read case neck thickness to .0001. New Price $191. Lake Hopatcong $100.00 USD
Satorius Entris lab balance Satorius Entris lab balance Used ultra precise powder metering sytem w/auto trickler for accuracy to 1/50th of a grain. Included is a custom made wooden carry case completely foam lined & protective of its contents. The new price is about $1300. w/o the case. Lake Hopatcong $995.00 USD
Scot 3032 8lb Scot 3032 8lb 8lb SCOT 3032, This powder is very consistent metering and very consistent SD over chronograph, VERY good  loading density in multiple cartridges 223 6BR UP TO 308, a very good friend of mine shot this in 308, his wife a very good shooter did very well at Camp Perry with a 223 loaded with this powder. My 6BR shot very well with it, good enough to take the Michigan State Score Championship a few years ago, and would move a 85 Sierra gameking faster at less pressure than my 243 deer rifle, and Billy Brawand from Pennsylvania bought a fair amount from me and told how to load it when I first got it, he said just fill a 6ppc case full brush off the neck and put one of his nice little 63's on top, pretty close to 100% loading density. Great powder!! I have 5 8lb questions? Call me @9898590640 buyer pays all shipping  and HAZMET fees, buy 2 or more take $5 off take all 5 and we can talk, pickup in Midland Mi save shipping fees!! Certified check, money order. Midland $170.00 USD
8lb 8208 pulldown 8lb 8208 pulldown 8lb 8208 (pulldown) stored in climate controlled area, super clean, in original boxes, in original sealed 8lb containers, This powder has excellent loading densities in .223, 6PPC,22PPC, 6BR, 30BBR, VERY Consistat LOW CRONOGRAPH Standard Deviations, shot to shot, This powder meters VERY well and consistently thru Harrell Precision and Redding powder measures. I have shot this powder and one other in many matches shooting several small groups at several ranges including, Holton, and Super. Very clean burning. Buyer pays all shipping fees including possibly Hazmet,  pickup AVAIL in central Michigan, 4 Avail, 2 or more knock 5 off, all 4 knock 10 off. Call me 989-859-0640 for any questions? Midland $170.00 USD
Allie Eubers Bullet Making Dies Allie Eubers Bullet Making Dies Carl Lynn Dies- Point/Boat Tail/ Squirt Die $1600.00 David Detsch 8 Ogive (copy of old bullet) Point/Flat Base Core Seat $2000.00 7/11 Neimi Die- Point/ Flat Base Core Seat $1400.00 9 Ogive Detsch - Point/ Flat Base Core Seat- $1400.00 7 3/4 Nemi Dies- Point/ Flat Base Core Seat $1800.00 Clarence Detsch Die- Point/Flat Base Core Seat (Last Point Up Die Clarence Made) $1800.00 Lewisburg $2,000.00 USD
Match Grade Bullets & Cowboy Competition Bullets Match Grade Bullets & Cowboy Competition Bullets Hand swaged precision match grade competition and cowboy shooting competition bullets. Calibers: 30 Caliber (.308) from $28.50 per 100 22 Caliber (.224) from $16.50 per 100 45 Caliber (.451) from $26.50 per 100 44 Caliber (.429) from $29.50 per 100 38 Caliber (.357) from $26.00 per 100 9mm (.355) from $24.50 per 100 40 Caliber (.400) from $27.00 per 100 I have various grain weights and can make the custom grain weights you need. Just ask. I used to make bullets commercially but now do it as a hobby for serious bench and competition shooters. SOMERSET $0.00 USD
Match Grade 55gr 22 Cal .224 Hollow Point Bullets Match Grade 55gr 22 Cal .224 Hollow Point Bullets 100 per package: I used to make match grade bullets, self defense and hunting bullets commercially. Now I do it as a hobby plus have quite an inventory I am trying to reduce.   Precision made, jacketed, lead core hollow point bullets for highly accurate competition grade bullets. Excellent for Bench shooting, hunting and target practice. These 22 caliber 55 grain (.224 diameter) bullets are hand swaged which gives you more precision and a highly accurate bullet. When I was in Montana I had several bench shooters who swore by these bullets and used them regularly. I also have and can make 38 caliber (.357), 45 caliber (.451) 9mm (.355), 40 caliber (.400) 30 caliber (.308) bullets in various grain weights but can make custom grain weight bullets for your specific needs. Bullets can be hollow point, soft lead nose or soft nose hollow point. Shipping is by USPS flat rate boxes. Up to 400 bullets (4 packages) in small flat rate boxes for $7.20. More than that  will go in medium flat rate boxes for $13.50. SOMERSET $16.50 USD