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Dual Vane Up and Downers Dual Vane Up and Downers For sale (4) up and downer wind flags and stands. $300 shipped in the conusa Caldwell $300.00 USD
Large Daisy Wheel Flags Large Daisy Wheel Flags The large daisy wheel flags have a 68 in surface area on the tail, florescent orange and florescent green on each side and the daisy wheels are 8.5 inches.  It comes with the large stand as seen in the photo that goes from 35 in up to 7 feet. They are weighted with ball joint tops.  $70 is for one flag and one stand.  Call or text me with any questions: 254-715-9747. Ennis $70.00 USD
Keeney's Wind Indicator Keeney's Wind Indicator I started using an idicator with a set of flags to get a better reading of the conditions. It really helps you read the velocity of the wind. The stand is included. The height of the stand is 23in. to 49in. The price is $75 + shipping which is about $13. I can do custom orders.  On the new & improved model, I used a ball joint with a bubble level on top for easy set up and leveling. (See the photos) E-mail me with your shipping address, I accept checks and money orders. If you would like to pay with a credit card or paypal you may order through Killough Shooting Sports.  Ennis $75.00 USD
Red Cup Value Indicators Red Cup Value Indicators I have been using the red cup value indicator for about a year to help me get a value on the wind at group shoots or varmit for score. They come with a weighted, ball joint stand. Making a special offer for these at $55 each plus shipping. Please call me with any questions: 254-715-9747 Ennis $55.00 USD
Graham Flat Top Daisy Flags. Graham Flat Top Daisy Flags. The Graham Flat Top Daisy flags have the same advantages as the Flat Top Ball design with the use of a Daisy. This flag uses a highly visible 12” yellow daisy that has recently become available. The daisy uses moly bushings for easy turning, and has a mounting system that is easy to use and hard to loose. All Graham flags have an extremely sensitive pivot system and use vinyl for color instead of paint. All parts are replaceable and vanes are bolted to a machined flat on the crossbar for easy replacement if necessary. Basic Flag comes with HiViz vinyl and start at $53.00. Arrows are an additional $4.00 per flag (photo shows arrow option) Thanks you. Matt Spradlin (253) 279-2699 GrahamWindFlags@outlook.com WWW.BRFLAGS.COM Spanaway $53.00 USD
Graham Flat Top Ball XL Flags Graham Flat Top Ball XL Flags Graham flags are known to be easy to read, high quality wind flags and have been well proven in Benchrest competitions around the world. The Graham Flat Top Ball Flag design has some advantages, especially for those using the raised reticle scopes. The vane shape is shorter top to bottom, but still retains the same square inches as the original vane. This allows more of these flags to be stacked or overlapped in the scope, and still be able to see the ball because it is now at the top of the flag. Basic Flag comes with HiViz vinyl and start at $53.00. Arrow option add $4 (photo shows the Arrows option) Thank you. Matt Spradlin (253) 279-2699. GrahamWindFlags@outlook.com WWW.BRFLAGS.COM Spanaway $53.00 USD
Wind Flags - New Pricing Wind Flags - New Pricing I have been making them for about 15 years now and made about 13,700 of them. The flag is very little and fast. Everyone loves the way it works. It makes me feel great when I go to big shoots (Nationals) and 40 to 60 sets of my flags are being used!  small flag $35  (flag only) medium flag $40  (flag only) large flag $45 (flag only) - flag and stand together would be $75 (for large only) all stands sold seperately, $33 each - new and improved weighted legs with ball joint tops * Buyer pays all shipping * Call or text me anytime at 254-715-9747 Danny Keeney 1908 Clearview Dr.  Ennis, TX 75119 Ennis $35.00 USD
Wicks Style Dual Vane Wind Flags Wicks Style Dual Vane Wind Flags Current National Sporter 6 gun record holder had been shot over these flags. As have Chris Peterson and William Colbert's  world records in the State Sporter Yards and Meters were shot with the help of the Wick's style dual vane flags.Wicks style dual vane wind flags have the ability to instantly turn in a switch and because of the contrasting colors will give the shooter the exact angle of the incoming wind. Sixteen inch tails are not only a good indicator of wind velocity but are tied on top of the vanes to be closer to the path of the bullet .Past and present national and world champions have shot over the Wicks style flags including the 2011 World Air Rifle Champion. We make the classic dual vane and old school along with our new up and down that did well in the 2012. Old school sells for $40.00 and small  Dual vane for $60.00. Larger dual vane in $80. Propellers are $ 12 for 5 inch and $14 for 7 inch extra. Up and downer for $75 Benchtop version with a take apart stand are $70.00 Whirly gigs and quality stands are also available. Call today.. 508 695 3373 Plainville $65.00 USD
Bench Rest & Air Rifle Wind Flag Bench Rest & Air Rifle Wind Flag Moccasin Trail Company A good short-range (25 to 100 yards) accurate and responsive wind flag.  Made in the USA, Paden, Oklahoma.  Manufactured from anodized 6061-T6 aluminum.   This flag is quick, accurate, and calm.   It utilized the proper pivot position to eliminate most overly and busy actions.  No plastics, composites, wood, or paper are used for manufacturing or assembly processes.  Dual (2) precision miniature ball stainless steel bearings are used for the pivot.  The lightweight aluminum tail is lighter than 4mm Coroplast.  - 8” H x 12” long is standard, but or a 10” long tail is available at the same cost - your choice.   The tail is mounted high for maximum visibility and never hidden behind the pivot post.   Incorporated bubble level.  Includes a rotating locking ball mount with 4 lb holding capability and ¼-20 female mounting thread.   Adjustable leveling & balance with reference index dot.  Incoming & outgoing wind direction indicator, reversible black or white your choice.   Good Visibility 5-year outdoor vinyl - Tomato Red and Sunflower Yellow with black & white wind direction arrows.  Wind flag Identification and position numbers are included - user applied.   Machine quality stainless steel & brass hardware.   Brass streamer tail eyelet.   Spares and replacement parts are available.   Field spare are included with a storage pouch.   The MTC Wind Flag resists overly & inaccurate unnecessary motion.   It is simply designed out.   MTC wind flags are not available with Daisy Wheels or Propellers as they act as Gyro’s or Flywheels attempting to stabilize the flag and are usually slow to start spinning and slow to stop resulting in late or delayed information to the shooter.   Unbalanced Daisy Wheels and propellers directly contribute to the wind flag jitters.  Off balancing or tail heavy application is just adding resistance or friction and is in direct contradiction to Extreme Sensitivity statements.   The MTC wind flag works best with perfect balance, however, the dual-ball bearing overcomes most friction and resistance.   The MTC wind flags are shipped in a USPS 1st Class 1-3 day delivery Medium Flat Rate Box @ about $15.50.  1 to 4 Wind flags can fit into the single USPS box.   Some simple assembly will be required.   Thanks for looking   Paden $80.00 USD
Arrows & Numbers for Wind Flags Arrows & Numbers for Wind Flags Moccasin Trail Company - Wind Flag Enhancement Vinyl arrows for wind flags True wind direction indicator 5-year outdoor life vinyl  Good distance visibility Lightweight with minimal balance impact Easy application Transfer tape included Multiple sizes @ the same price Arrow tail can be cut to shorten Balck or white only Order by email at mtcshooting@gmail.com Shipped in #10 envelope, up to four @ $0.10 plus a USPS 1st Class Stamp Paden $2.00 USD