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Photo Title Description City Price
rests 1 Bald Eagle front rest with windage top $135.oo Ravenna $135.00 USD
SEB Neo & Ratigan Rests Available Now!! SEB Neo & Ratigan Rests Available Now!! SEB Neo & Ratigan rests available at Brunos for sale! SEB Neo W/ derlin stopper & 3 piece bag SEB Ratigan W/ derlin stopper, counterweight & 1 piece bag NEO is $1,375.00 Ratigan is $1,400.00 https://www.brunoshooters.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Scr een=CTGY&Category_Code=seb_rests Phoenix $1,375.00 USD
MINI Front Rest MINI Front Rest Aluminum and Stainless fully adjustable F-class rest.  Never used - completely new condition.  Includes padded, zippered bag for storing or transporting. Price does not include charges for shipping (will be added for your area). Odessa $900.00 USD
Left Hand Farley Rest and Case Left Hand Farley Rest and Case This Farley rest has been modifies to Mike Radigan suggestions. The front stop has been moved to the movable top. The plastic boot has been removed. The elevation lock has been changes and two additional bolts have been added to the front plate. Shadetree screws have replaced the original tension screws. The bag is an Edgewood. The hard case is an SKB iSeries ordered directly from Farley. It includes a 3/8" x 16 main post with spring clips to hold the long handle in place.  Inside dimensions are 20.5" x 15.5" x 10". It has 3 different handles with wheels underneath. The price includes shipping. Thanks for looking. New Ipswich, NH $975.00 USD
Farley Mfg. Rest New Farley Mfg. Rest New  This listing is for of a brand new Farley Mfg. Coaxial front rest, available in 2 different options so please specify which one you would like and please note that they are not the same price. Brand new Farley Mfg. Benchrest Option: $1200   $1 099   Includes/Features: Farley Benchrest Base Farley Laser engraved coaxial head  Overload Assist Wear Resistant Hard Black Anodize 65lb Spring Plungers Laser engraved benchrest billet feet 45 degree rockwell hardened feet spikes Green oil charged moyer level HD 45 Bearings Custom Farley Mfg. Front Bag Free Shipping See the exact product here   Brand new Farley Mfg. F-Class Rest Option $1300  $1250  Includes/Features:  Extra wide magnum base plate  Farley coaxial head  Wear Resistant Black Anodize 65ln. Spring Plungers Joystick F-Class feet Billet Feet  Stainless Steel Spikes Speedywheel Oil charged green moyer level Custom Farley Mfg. Front Bag Free Shipping See the exact product here      These items will ship within 2 business days of receipt of payment and shipping is included in the price. Don't wait months to get a rest that is no longer ava Charlotte $1,099.00 USD
Farley Rest Used Farley Rest Used This is a used Farley Rest. Great condition. Will let it go for $700.00 plus shipping. Mechanicsville $700.00 USD
Randolph Machine One Piece Rest Randolph Machine One Piece Rest ((SOLD))I am selling my Randolph Machine/Ken Fulghum one piece rest. I used the rest for 2 match seasons. I bought this rest mainly to test rimfire ammo lots and also used it striclty for rimfire shooting. These rest are very nice. They are super smooth and absolutely no back lash on any adjustments. I have a bubble level stuck on there with silicone rubber as not to mess up the finish on my rest if I decided to take it off. The rest comes as shown with the PQP(Stiller) top. Also inlcuded on that paper towel in the picture is a set of sand bag pads to replace the rear delrin "V" if need be. Also the rest came with a padded rear foot and a spiked screw. On the right side of the towel are two other spiked screws that I made that suited my needs better.  On the PQP(Stiller)top, I also added some threaded ball joints to be able to attach bungy cords to return to battery. I will throw in my bungy cords also. The rest has a few handling marks but no dents or sratches. Just the powder coat is a little dull where my hands touched. (That may even be able to be waxed off?) I took some pics to see all the sides of the rest except the underside but it is in good shape because when I first got it, I put tape on the front edge and felt pads on the bottom to protect the powder coat. If you need tenchical specs on this rest, go to randolphmachine.com and you can read all about the rest. Will split shipping costs with buyer. Sale to lower 48 only. Thanks for looking. Vacherie $850.00 USD
Farley Rest Farley Rest Farley Coaxial II rest. This is a brand new, still in the box rest. This one comes with the Heavy base. New picture posted. Mechanicsville $975.00 USD
Benchrite PTFE Teflon Stock Tape Kit Benchrite PTFE Teflon Stock Tape Kit Benchrite PTFE Teflon Stock Tape is tan colored, true Teflon tape with a thin fiberglass mesh support layer. Thickness is the same as our UHMW “Clear” tape (.005”) and it has the same acrylic adhesive. The two-gun kit includes four 5”x 5” pieces, application and removal is easy, and the tape protects the stock finish from bag scratches. Some shooters feel strongly that the Teflon tape is “slicker” than the UHMW tape. Application and removal instructions included. Please visit our NEW Web Site at www.benchrite.com Pricing: Benchrite PTFE Teflon Stock Tape Kit (four 5”x 5” pieces) $13.00 Postage and handling (First Class Mail) $4.95 Visa, Master Card, Discover, Personal Check gladly accepted. Fort Wayne $13.00 USD
Benchrite 2" Standard Stabilfeet Benchrite 2" Standard Stabilfeet Set of three 2” diameter Standard Superfeet for Bag Gun Rests. Stainless steel plates with neoprene bottoms grip the bench with no slippage and without pounding the rest feet into the bench. Benchrite Superfeet also make sighter cams and speed screws operate smoothly and true. Superfeet bridge the gap on worn concrete bench tops to make your rest set-up quicker and easier. Identical to the Tru Kote Superfeet made by Dave Dohrmann for many years. Please visit our NEW Web Site at www.benchrite.com Pricing: Benchrite 2” Standard Superfeet (set of 3) $20.00 Postage and handling: $4.95 (First Class Mail) Visa, Master Card, Discover or Personal Check gladly accepted. Fort Wayne $20.00 USD