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stainless steel super feet stainless steel super feet stainless steel super feet 2.25 inch 25.00 3 inch 30.00 also have 1inch thick feet 15.00 each shipping is 8.00 on all orders email me at adams49031@hotmail.com also have holders available 25.00 for small 30.00 for the 3 inch niles $0.00 USD
Oehler 35P Chronograph Oehler 35P Chronograph This item is part of the donation to IBS made by Ray Metz. The price includes shipping. While the design of the Model 35 dates back to 1988, there have been subtle and significant improvements over the years.  You now get better Skyscreens with better diffusers and better folding stands.  The case is larger and tougher, with better latches.  The M35P is accurate, it’s reliable, it’s proven, and we don’t want to change that. Only the Oehler 35P makes two velocity readings for each shot, and lets you verify the accuracy.  When they agree, you know they are right.  If the readings disagree significantly on a single shot, you know that sometimes Mother Nature can fool even the best chronograph.  We’ll admit it and the 35P will tell you. The Skyscreen III units work well.  The basic design is twenty-five years old, but we’ve made improvements.  Others tout their special lenses, diffusers, and glint-guard circuits as something new.  They should make better copies. The value of the  <em style="line-height: inherit; font-size: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-weight: inherit; font-stretch: inhe New Ipswich, NH $350.00 USD
SEB Rest SEB Rest Original SEB Rest. All plastic has been removed and replaced with either aluminum or stainless steel. Has adjustable counter weight, silky smooth, padded rubber feet, excellent condition, comes with three custom made Edgewood bags & riser donut. $1500 plus shipping. Call Tom @ (262) 695-3103 or e-mail juto61@wi.rr.com Pewaukee $1,500.00 USD
Seb neo brand new Seb neo brand new brand new seb neo in unopened box. I bought one while I was waiting for this one to come in and I don’t need two. Just recieved from Ernie bishop ready to ship to you. 1400 shipped conus (rest still in factory box so i used stock photo) Portland $1,400.00 USD
Portable Shooting Bench Portable Shooting Bench Bench is a very stable, heavy duty, portable shooting bench, built to stand up to a lifetime of hard use. The bench is designed with benchrest shooting in mind.  The hallmark feature is the floating nut plate/socket/collar arrangement, which allows for a quick no tool setup and a rock solid lock-up between the legs and frame. The triangle leg design accommodates most irregularities in the terrain and the spacious top is conveniently designed to accommodate both right and left-handed shooters, interchangeably. Simply move the seat to your preferred side. I have won several matches shooting off this bench. Greensboro $200.00 USD
Hornady Magnium Ultrasonic Cleaner 3L Hornady Magnium Ultrasonic Cleaner 3L Hornady Lock-N-Load Magnum Sonic Cleaner  is considered the powerhouse of ultrasonic cleaners, providing triple the size and twice the power of the original Lock-N-Load® Sonic Cleaner.™ Designed with reloaders in mind, this  Hornady reloading tool  can be used to clean cartridge cases, gun parts, pistol barrels, AR bolts, muzzle loader breech plugs and any other  metal gun parts . Featuring  two transducers , the  Hornady Lock & Load Magnum 3L Tank Sonic Cleaner  provides superior cleaning capability over conventional  reloading tools  that only utilize one transducer. Other  ultrasonic cleaners merely have an on/off switch for the heater, but  Hornady  has equipped the  Magnum Sonic Cleaner  with an  adjustable heating element  that allows the user to set the correct temperature without risk of damaging delicate parts. The  <em style="color: #113322; font-family: V Greensboro $70.00 USD
Competition Front Rest Competition Front Rest Bald Eagle Triangle Cast Iron Base.   Dunrud Hydraulic Windage Top and Sighter Cam.   New Edgewood Super-slick 3” Bag.  Heavy and rock solid. Shipping included $650. Item #2:  Edgewood 3” Front Bag for pre-2009 Farley Rest, Leather & Black Cordura.  Shipping included, $35. Item #3:  Concentricity Tool.   Sinclair large-case brass and bullet run out checker.   Shipping included, $45. Lee Plymouth, MI $650.00 USD
Cowan Rests Cowan Rests Fresh batch of Cowan Rests for sale and ready to ship. $240.00 plus shipping. Please e-mail me only, I do not visit this site often. Thanks for looking. cowanhaus@gmail.com Tyrone $240.00 USD
Graham Flat Top Ball Flags Graham Flat Top Ball Flags     Graham flags are known to be easy to read, high quality wind flags and have been well proven in Benchrest competitions around the world. New Flat Top Ball Flag Design I am now taking orders for my new design “flat top” ball windflags. (original style still available) Lou Murdica and I worked together on this design. This new flag has some advantages, especially for those using the raised reticle scopes. The vane shape is shorter top to bottom, but still retains the same square inches as my regular vane. This allows more of these flags to be stacked or overlapped in the scope, and still be able to see the ball because it is now at the top of the flag. (photo shows XL, arrows, and high visibility vinyl options) 50/50 black and white ball clearly displays head & tail winds. Vanes are bolted to a machined flat on the crossbar for easy replacement & uses a tough vinyl for color instead of paint. Thanks, Rick Graham (206) 214-6484 Seattle $45.00 USD
Graham Flat Top Daisy Flags Graham Flat Top Daisy Flags Graham flags are known to be easy to read, high quality wind flags and have been well proven in Benchrest competitions around the world. I am now taking orders for my flat top daisy flags.  (Original vane style still available) This flag uses the new highly visible 12” yellow daisy that has recently become available. The daisy uses moly bushings for easy turning, and has a mounting system that is easy to use and hard to loose. All Graham flags have an extremely sensitive pivot system and use vinyl for color instead of paint. All parts are replaceable and vanes are bolted to a machined flat on the crossbar for easy replacement if necessary. Thanks, Rick Graham (206) 214-6484 (pic shows, XL and Hi-Vis vinyl options) Seattle $45.00 USD