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Newest Classifieds in Rimfire Rifles

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Remington 40x 22lr. Remington 40x 22lr. I am selling a very nice 40x. The barrel and action are factory 40XB w/ a PT&G bolt. The trigger is Jewel 2oz. BR w/ bolt release no safety. The bolt was fitted by Chris Self.The stock is a custom BR McMillan style and is very nice. I have shot a couple very good matches with gun however I need to sell a few that I just don't shoot.  Pulaski $1,400.00 USD
Falcon Benchrest rifle For sale is a RBLP custom built Falcon rimfire benchrest rifle smithed by Pendergraft.  The action was blueprinted, barrel chambered and crowned by Tom Wilkinson.  This rifle has an taper lapped Octagon barrel and Jewel trigger and is stocked in a unique spalted maple stock and bedded by Doyle Anglin.  Harrells tuner with tune and ammo data. She has won many local matches and shot 2500 and several 2450 and 2400 in ARA competition.  Please email for photos or other details.  Jeff Raleigh $2,600.00 USD
Turbo sporter. Swindlehurst Turbo-o- sporter- shilen barrel -stith  stock- jewel trigger- gorham- shoots very very well. $3000.  Swindlehurst - shilen- meridith-jewel-gorham-$2950. Call 618 889 9259 Talhequah $0.00 USD
Remington 40-X Remington 40-X CMP rifle. Stock is a little rough but metal and bore in good condition. Does not look like this one has been shot much. Leupold BR 36, fine cross hair/small dot. $850 for rifle only. Applegate $1,300.00 USD
Meacham Falling Block Meacham Falling Block Nice SD Meacham T&H Company, Peck Idaho falling block single shot.  Belived to be fitted with a Benchmark barrrel, has a great trigger and is fitted with a beautiful Curly Maple Stock and fore arm.  I shot this gun a couple of times in a local money match and did very well.  Witha tuner it would be a shooter in Unlimited.  Don't know if it will make 10/1/2. Unertel scope not included at this price. Guns previous owner was Bob Vail. Price $1500 shipping and insurance not included must be shipped to an FFL dealer.  Lower 48 excluding CA. Fincastle $1,500.00 USD
Anschutz Benchrest Rifle Anschutz Benchrest Rifle I built this rifle for my son when he was 8 to shoot ARA and F-Class. The rifle was used for one season and has been in the safe for the last year. The rifle looks new with no wear and was always properly cleaned. The rifle is very accurate with Lapua and Eley and has shot as high as in the 2,200s untuned before it was put away. The bareled action was a new Anschuts Super Match 1913 which is a 54 action and the longer barrel. This Anschutz trigger is amazing and currently set at 4oz but will easily go down to 2oz if desired. I had a harrels tuner bored for it and attached. The stock is made from exotic Padauk and Wenge and was cut down for a youth shooter and straitlined. The stock looks amazing and the pictures dont do it justice. This stock works great on a Pappas rest and on a 2 piece rest from the bench or ground. The bolt handle is a very nice aftermarket blue aluminum with o-rings. The bolt closes so smoothe and easy which is another reason that makes it great for younger shooters. Even with that said this rifle will work just as good for an adult also. Feel free to contact me with any questions or would like to see some better pictures La Quinta $1,600.00 USD
CZ 452 Sporter CZ 452 Sporter CZ 452 with factory stock modified for sporter class, benchrest use, plus original factory stock.  $500.00  - $0.00 USD
For Sale:  ULA Sporter For Sale: ULA Sporter ULA action, Lilja barrel Stith stock Weaver 6x scope.  Good shooter. $1400.00 - $0.00 USD
GORHAM LEFT HANDED TURBO Have for sale a left bolt right port turbo with edge stock, jewel trigger,two ratchet barrels one 850 with tuner with less than brick of ammo and 900 with out tuner.have three turbos other two have tm stocks so am selling edge. Will ship in a hard case with insurance to ffl. Price is 2500 shipping included. oak grove $2,500.00 USD
 RIMFIRE RIFLE RIMFIRE RIFLE DUCK HAWK ll  Falcon (BLACKHAWK)  Broughton 5C  Pippin Stock  Jewell Trigger  Smithed by Tim Miller Duluth $0.00 USD