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Several Guns for Sale at www.customshopinc.com Links will be posted below, but since links often have issues, here's the list of my guns for sale at customshop.com: 1) 6mm PPC benchrest sporter w/ fiberglass stock. Unknown gunsmith, from my father, Claude Smith's collection. 2) Fred Hasecuster made rail gun w/ Mickey Coleman 6mm PPC and James Messer 22mm PPC barrels. Allan Hall action. 3) Remington 700 modified for 6-284 by James Messer. 4) PISTOL: Tanfoglio Witness .45 ACP. All bids must go through customshopinc.com. I'll take any comments here on pricing, corrections, etc...All prices negotiable. If the links below do not function properly, go to www.customshopinc.com, then "STORE" then "RIFLES" "OTHER" to view benchrest guns, "RIFLES" "REMINGTON" for the 6-284, and "HANDGUNS" "OTHER" for the Italian pistol. Thanks All! https://www.customshopinc.com/product/remington-model-700-custom-6-284-win-heavy-rifle-good-condition/ https://www.customshopinc.com/product/custom-benchrest-rail-gun-6mm-ppc-22-ppc-heavy-barrels/ https://www.customshopinc.com/product/custom-stolle-panda-benchrest-rifle-6mm-ppc-redwood-carbon-fiber-stock/ https://www.customshopinc.com/product/tanfoglio-witness-45-acp-wonder-stainless-steel-finish-compact-imported-eaa/ Stevensville $0.00 USD
6PPC  FARLEY  LV BENCHREST  W/5 BLS     $3,295 6PPC FARLEY LV BENCHREST W/5 BLS $3,295 SOLD; THANKS FOR YUR INTEREST..Farley 2 lug action, Scoville carbon fiber stock, Jewell 2 oz trigger; gunsmithed by Dwight Scott in 2011.  Right bolt, right port eject, left port load.  Leupold 45X competition scope with fine cross hair; glued into Kelby rings to assure no slippage.  Internal rear stock weight system; 2 & 4 oz; this LV make weight every time.  Four (4) extra .262 Kreiger bls(bl #5 193 rounds actual).  One .268 Kreiger bl; 300 rounds actual. All bls with matching brass.  Action wrench, de-cocking/firing pin removal tool, Harrell custom die, .257 Redding bushing.  A few minor stock scratches on butt; this rifle well cared for.  This is my back up match rifle; completly set and ready to go to a match.  I shot an .081 with it and a .1610 agg at WWCCA group match.  $3,295 plus case & actual shipping to your signed FFL.  US POSTAL MONEY ORDER ONLY.  Please email questions to  chazgreen@wowway.com            Thanks  Chuck Green BEVERLY HILLS. MI $3,295.00 USD
22-6mm Ackley Improved 22-6mm Ackley Improved Custom built 22-6mm Ackley Improved, trued Remington short action, Krieger 1:9 twist barrel that measures 26 1/2 inches long. (I loaded 80 grain bullets) Trigger set at 2.5 lbs. Professionally bedded Bell and Carlson ADL stock with Pachmayr Decelerator black pad. The reloaded bullets seated in the case would not fit in an ADL box, so a single shot follower was added to the gun. All metal coated black with a baked on finish. Stock was painted with a brown textured color and matte clear over the color. Talley lightweight aluminum mounts and rings. Vortex Viper 6.5-20X44 (30mm) scope included. Gun had no more than 100 rounds through it, probably less. Comes with 100 pieces of 6mm Remington brass. Some fire formed, some original. Also L.E. Wilson neck die with bushings and L.E. Wilson bullet seater die. Gun built by Ray Perry of Texas. This gun will reach out far, and is in great condition. (Sorry for the bad pic) More upon request if you are serious. 409-960-9928 Orange $1,250.00 USD
Remington 40XB-KS .222cal Remington 40XB-KS .222cal Remington 40XB-KS .222, Black kevlar stock, Stainless steel 27.25 inch BBl., Repeater 40X action, Adjustable trigger,Burris bases and rings included. I believe the Kevlar stock was made by McMillan for Remington. I purchased the rifle in 2002, it has pretty much been a safe queen since. Round count unknown,has never been used for varminting. Rifle is in flawless condition in and out. $1250.00 shipped to your FFL lwr 48 SUSSEX $1,250.00 USD
Remington 700 6PPC Remington 700 6PPC PRICE DROP This is a Remington 700 built by Hammonds Rifles. Trued 700 action, Hart 24" bbl, .261 neck, single shot follower, Jewel SS 2oz trigger, Warne 2pc steel scope bases included. Action is bedded in H.S. Precision (Remington) stock. Rifle is in super sharp condition. No dings, no marks, no disappointments. $900.00 +shipping to your FFL. SUSSEX $900.00 USD
BAT Benchrest Rifle BAT Benchrest Rifle Not positive on all parts of the rifle was built by Mike Niblet. This gun has won many competitions I am a novice shooter and have tied the old 262 record  at 100yrds in UBR. The action is BAT I believe the stock is BAT Not sure on the bolt I believe the trigger is a jewell at 11/2 to 2 ounces. It comes with 45x leupold scope, fine dot recticle, very few small nicks on stock no scratches on the gun its self. comes with about 8lbs of N133, 100 brass for 6mm PPC and 100 brass for 30 BR. also with 2 barrels dye for each caliber in line press and in line dyes per caliber. approximatly 900 6mm Fowler bullets. and approximatly 300 euber 30 cal bullets. also includes 98 6mm brass never fired turned and trimed. If I get a lot of complaints about the pricing the price will bw adjusted I am not sure exactly where to start. Also I have been asked and the gun is right bolt right port.  Louisville $3,500.00 USD
1000 yard Benchrest Light Gun 1000 yard Benchrest Light Gun 1000yrd benchrest rifle, Sleeved Remington action. Blueprinted. Sleeve has 20moa  scope base for long distance. Fluted bolt ,Sako extractor. custom aluminum bolt shroud, Titanium firing pin, Extended bolt handel. Hart barrel with alumium gas stripping muzzel brake 6.5-06 Ackley Imp. with .288 neck This rifle was built to keep maximum weight in the barrle. 10 flutes for maximum rigidity and cooling. Jewel 2oz trigger. McMillan/Tooley fiberglass stock . Scope not included $1500 OBO Sutherland $1,500.00 USD
1000 yard Benchrest Light Gun 1000 yard Benchrest Light Gun 1000yrd benchrest rifle, Sleeved 4 digit serial number Remington. Blueprinted. Sleeve has 20moa intregal scope base for long distance. Sako extractor,Titanium firing pin, bushed bolt. Extended bolt handel. Lilja barrel with Gas stripping muzzel brake 6.5-06 Ackley Imp. with .288 neck Jewel 2oz trigger. Shahane Tracker fiberglass stock with cooling vents. Scope not included $1500 OBO Sutherland $1,500.00 USD
Unique 1000 yard Heavy gun The Legendary "Ma Bell" Unique 1000 yard Heavy gun The Legendary "Ma Bell" Unique 1000 yard Benchrest Heavy gun. Bob Hart action, which gained the nickname "Ma Bell" in the hands of legendary shooter Bill Shehane. The action was modernised, Blueprinted, Jewel Trigger, Titainium firing pin, and built into a serious competetor with a heavy stainless steel tube threaded into the face of the action, which forms a liquid cooled chamber between it and the 30cal Lilja barrel held under tension with a hidden tensioning "setscrew tensioning nut" on the inside. Chambered in 308 Baer. Barrel block clamped to the outer tube with the action and barrel floated, bedded in a massive lead shot filled wood stock with stainless rails. Custom angled scope base with Kellby rings and Nightforce Precision Benchrest  This rifle was a head turner at every match I took it to, and placed me Second in the VA State Championship in 2001. It's been sitting in my gun safe since then. Chambered in 308 Baer.....All the accuracy benifits of tensioned barrel, while retaning the shootability of a conventional heavy rifle..Scope not included......$1500 OBO Sutherland $1,500.00 USD
Custom Remington XP-100 .22BR - Shilen Bbl Custom Remington XP-100 .22BR - Shilen Bbl -------------------------------------------------- - Jim Williams' Lifetime Collection Sale -------------------------------------------------- - For sale is a custom Remington XP-100 rifle chambered in .22BR. The action has a Hart bolt release and a Shilen Select Match 1-in-10 barrel attached. Including the attached muzzle brake, the barrel is 26.25" with a muzzle diameter of .835". The bolt has been fitted with a M-16 Extractor, and the riffle has a 2oz Burns trigger. The McMillan Graphite stock has a molded-in desert camo. -------------------------------------------------- --- Manufacturer: Remington Model: XP-100 Caliber: .22 BR Stock: McMillan Graphite Action: XP-100 Trigger: 2oz Burns Sights: None Barrel: Shilen Select Match 1-in-10 Barrel Length: 26.25" w/ brake Muzzle Diameter: .835" Weight: 10.25# Our Stock #: 26 --------------------- Shipping not included in price. I require a signed copy of a FFL before I ship. --------------------- I accept postal money orders and certified checks as payment. Funds may be sent to: 1300 Grayson Pkwy Grayson, GA 30017 --------------------- Being 80 years old and not overly fond of computers, please call me at 770-757-1590 if you are serious about purchasing this item. Grayson $1,495.00 USD