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6mm PPC BR  neck261 6mm PPC BR neck261 It comes as you see it 36 x Leopold scopes 36x – eagle precision rest – 3 sets of dies one set is custom made from the same barrell stock – neck wall gauge  50 rounds loaded with 68gr. Watson match bullets with federal bench rest primers– tube for barrel heat - rod guide and arbor press for loading.This rifle has only had 30 rounds put thru it all 5 shot groups were in the same hole at 100 yds. I also have 900 rds. of Ed Watson 68gr. Match Bulets and what is left of one box I bought 1000 of them they do not come with the rifle they would be a seperet price if wanted. This is one of the best buys out there it is new not a scratch on it everything on it is highly polished       I can be reached by phone or email at any time - certified check or postal money order and proof of FFL is required and will ship to FFL in a hard case that I would like returned other items will be in a separate box…Charles           <span style="font-family: Calibri; font-size: medium west palm beach $2,400.00 USD
Sleeved Rem 700 in .222 Sleeved Rem 700 in .222 Sleeved Remington 700 in 222.  27" stainless  barrel with 1-14 twist.  This is a factory 40X barrel that appears to be in excellent condition but round count unknown.  2oz Remington trigger.  Benchrest stock with 3" foreend.  This stock must have had a square tang benchrest action in it originally as you can tell by the pics.  Overall a very clean rifle and would make a good starter benchrest rifle or a welcome addition to your prairie dog arsenal.   $675.00 shipped to lower 48.  Please call or e-mail me directly (rjennings1966@yahoo.com) as I do not check this site for messages.  If FFL to FFL is required, there will be an additional $25.00 for extra paperwork.  All phone calls and e-mails will be answered after 6pm EST.  Flexible on payment, but I do not do PayPal.   Attica $675.00 USD
6ppc left bolt right port 6ppc left bolt right port 6ppc .262 neck left bolt right port fired 455 times. Light 10.5 lbs class Built by Jim Borden panda action hart barrel .comes with one inch rings. does not include scope Moore $1,400.00 USD
Kelbly&#039;s 6ppc Bench Rest Rifle Kelbly's 6ppc Bench Rest Rifle Kelbly's Rifle  6ppc .26 Neck Right Bolt - Left Port Leupold 45x Competition Scope  Jewell 2 Ounce Trigger 14 Twist Kreiger 20" Barrel Only 200 Rounds Fired   Monroe $3,600.00 USD
New Scarbrough 6PPC Rifle For Sale New Scarbrough 6PPC Rifle For Sale Bob Scarbrough custom rifle with custom Scarbrough paint job BAT model DS dual port stainless steel action - 6PPC 262 Neck, 030 free bore Krieger 13.5 twist light varmint stainless barrel Hand airbrush paint job Jewell BR trigger Gun will accept Leupold 45x or Weaver 46x Comes with weight system Can be used in light varmint class Gun stock was manufactured for Bob Scarbrough himself for the 2017 World Championships. Obviously he decided to go another route. Any questions on the paint job, please call, hopefully I can answer or you can speak to Bob direct. Phoenix $4,799.95 USD
 Stolle Teddy Left Hand 6PPC Stolle Teddy Left Hand 6PPC Selling this gun for a good customer. The action is made by Stolle, model Teddy. Barrel is stamped "6PPC262 NECK R MORSE EDDINGTON ME". Has a Bausch and Lomb Elite 4000 fixed power scope, we are thinking its 36 power; very fine crosshairs with tiny dot in center. Gun was bought used from the original owner in 2011-2012, gun came fraom Maine. Current owner has less than 90 rounds through the barrel. Total round count is unknown.  Firearm will come with bore guide, Redding #77211, Redding # 55319 sizing and seating dies. Dies were bought new in 2012. Will also come with sun shade for scope, 28 peices of sized/trimmed 220 russian brass converted to 6ppc and 60 pieces of brass that has been converted and fired through the gun. Shipping cost will be determined by zip code after commitment has been made to buy.  Drums $2,500.00 USD
COOPER Model 92 Backcountry Backcountry model 92    300 Win Mag     ultra light   Tan / Black web stock   Matte finish action and bbl    6.2 lbs (without scope)    24" fluted barrel with muzzlebrake and thread protector   Xtra magazine    Jewell trigger     Talley 30mm bases and  rings included   Only 100 rounds through it .   A super mountain rifle just not what I was looking for   ANIB  MIKE at 7243125563 for pictures and info   will split shipping Monaca $2,200.00 USD
1000 yard bench rest rifle 1000 yard bench rest rifle This is a Geiges built rifle. It has 2 barrels. One is a .308 Baer and the second one is a 6.5x284 Winchester. The .308 Baer has 200 rounds through it and the 6.4x284 has 140 rounds through it. Both shoot very well, but the 6.5x284 is spectacular.   I have shot a 2.5” group at 1000 yards at the Rifles Only range while working with Navy Seals.   Each barrel has its own muzzle brake and thread protector.   Each has its own bolt as well and all are fluted.   The rifle has a Jewell trigger.   It also has a top rail ready for scope installation.   The action is a Nesika right hand bolt left hand port. Very fast single shot.   The action is a model M, serial number M0069. The stock is a McMillan bench rest stock with wide front and aluminum rails attached to the fore end.   The action works slick as glass. Also included are 100, once fired, cases for the .308 Baer and 100, once fired, cases for the 6.5x284. Also included is a box of 100 new Lapua cases for the 6.5x284.   A box of 500 Sierra bullets for the .308 Baer and about 1300 Sierra bullets of various sizes for the 6.5x284 comes with it. Also included are Redding precision dies and body dies for both barrels. An instant indicator - case comparator die for the 6.5x284 is included and 1000 Federal 210 primers. The stock is a dark blue on the bottom, fading to a lighter blue at the top. The stock is pillar bedded. This is a beautiful rifle, but I have gotten too old to make use of it. The 6.5x284 shot so well that I took it off and put in the safe. I was afraid I would shoot it out. It has remained in the safe since. The rifle comes with touch up paint in the original case sent to me by Geiges with his address printed on the Corpus Christi, Texas $4,000.00 USD
Custom Remington XP-100 .22BR - Shilen Bbl Custom Remington XP-100 .22BR - Shilen Bbl -------------------------------------------------- - Jim Williams' Lifetime Collection Sale -------------------------------------------------- - For sale is a custom Remington XP-100 rifle chambered in .22BR. The action has a Hart bolt release and a Shilen Select Match 1-in-10 barrel attached. Including the attached muzzle brake, the barrel is 26.25" with a muzzle diameter of .835". The bolt has been fitted with a M-16 Extractor, and the riffle has a 2oz Burns trigger. The McMillan Graphite stock has a molded-in desert camo. -------------------------------------------------- --- Manufacturer: Remington Model: XP-100 Caliber: .22 BR Stock: McMillan Graphite Action: XP-100 Trigger: 2oz Burns Sights: None Barrel: Shilen Select Match 1-in-10 Barrel Length: 26.25" w/ brake Muzzle Diameter: .835" Weight: 10.25# Our Stock #: 26 --------------------- Shipping not included in price. I require a signed copy of a FFL before I ship. --------------------- I accept postal money orders and certified checks as payment. Funds may be sent to: 1300 Grayson Pkwy Grayson, GA 30017 --------------------- Being 80 years old and not overly fond of computers, please call me at 770-757-1590 if you are serious about purchasing this item. Grayson $1,495.00 USD
Light Varmit 6PPC Light Varmit 6PPC I have a Light Varmit 6ppc with a 262 neck it has a Leupold 36 power scope. It is 2100.00 shipped. Lawrenceburg $2,100.00 USD