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6 PPC Bryant Custom Borden BR in Six Borden stock 6 PPC Bryant Custom Borden BR in Six Borden stock This is another rifle that I've used for many years. The rifle is built on a Borden BR action right bolt, right port with right eject.  It is glued into one of the original Lee Six made Borden stocks.  The Remington ejector pin has been plugged and the ejector has been redrilled  and moved partially out of the bolt face  for a smaller ejector pin so that when shot with hotter loads that the brass won't flow into the ejector hole.  This barrel is a Bartlein barrel. I didn't have the twist rate marked on the barrel. I looked at it with a borescope and the barrel looks very good in the throat and shows to be very low round count down the barrel. Absolutely no fire cracking of any kind.  I have shot this barrel in a match at Okie Shooters and shot well with it.  I was shooting this rifle immediately before I went to the Bat B's in the Scoville stocks.  The exceptional paint job was done by Michael Kavanaugh back when he was painting stocks. He called it his Tiger Tear pattern. It has two very minor paint chips at the ejector port. The rifle is shown with a Leupold 45X scope in double screw Kelbly rings. The scope and rings do not go with the rifle.  Jewell BR trigger. The rifle weighs 10 pounds 8 ounces as shown in the photo.  This rifle is chambered with a Henriksen .262" neck reamer with .045" freebore. The tuner on the rifle is one that I built patterned after the tuner that Jackie Schmidt made for himself.  All sales will have to be transferred through a FFL or picked up at my shop and the FFL paperwork filled out here. There is a weight shown in one of the photos that will screw into the butt of the rifle, but it will not make weight with one of the higher power scopes such as a Leupold 45X, March or Nightforce scope with the weigh in place.  The weight was used when I was shooting this rifle with a Leupold 36X on top of it.  The lugs are in great shape.  This is the second action that has been in this stock.  This rifle is definitely hard to part with, but would rather have someone using it rather than it sitting in my vault. No out of country sales. Wheeler $3,000.00 USD
Bat DS 6 PPC LV/SP Benchrest Rifle .265 Neck Bat DS 6 PPC LV/SP Benchrest Rifle .265 Neck I decided to sell some of the older benchrest rifles that I haven't used in several years.  This rifle is a personal rifle that I used for a number of years and shot many a Nationals with it. This rifle is a proven performer in prior years. It is a right bolt right port right eject stainless Bat DS.  The barrel that is on it is a Krieger barrel that was installed and I shot it a little at home, but have not shot it in a match. I switched to left port right eject Bat B's in Scoville stocks.  The Krieger barrel has less than 100 rounds through it and probably not even close to that.  A Jewell trigger.  With the March scope shown in the photo and Kelbly single screw rings, the rifle weighs 10 pounds 6 ounces.  The scope and rings do not go with the rifle.  Jewell BR trigger.  The barrel is chambered with my .265 necked Borerider reamer that I've been using for the past several years on my personal rifles. All work was done by myself at Bryant Custom. Wheeler $2,250.00 USD
Remington 40X Custom BR 22LR Remington 40X Custom BR 22LR Remington 40X Custom BR 22LR Bolt Action... 1961 Remington Action/Barrel SN 12571... New Custom Bench Rest Stock... New Custom Lacquered Paint Job, Midnight Blue... Barrel Floated... Action Glass Bedded to stock... Original 27" Remington Tapered Bull Barrel... 1 1/2" at Action to .870 Mid Barrel to .757 at Muzzle... Jewel Trigger adjustable & set at 2oz... Custom Adjustable Rings... Harrell's Tuner... No Butt Pad on stock... I am shooting 5 shot groups at 50 Yds and Measuring Low 200's Center to Center with Eley Match Ammo...I have a Like New Tasco (Japan) 6-24x42mm Variable that I will include in the Sale... Plymouth $1,625.00 USD
Gorham, Stiller LoneStar rimfire benchrest rifle Gorham, Stiller LoneStar rimfire benchrest rifle I have for sale a Stiller LoneStar built by Richard Gorham. This rifle has a Shilen ratchet barrel, 2oz jewel BR trigger, Harrel tuner and is pillar bedded in a custom Wollan stock made from solid exotic zebra wood, lace wood and blood wood. This rifle was built for a friend of mine and was only used in a few matches. This is a great shooting gun that is in great condition with a very low round count fired through it. Rifle weighs 10 lbs 15oz without scope and rings. Scope and rings are not included, bases are included. I will also include a bore guide for this rifle. La Quinta, CA $2,500.00 USD
Knapp Custom 7.82 Patriot Improved Knapp Custom 7.82 Patriot Improved Knapp Custom Rifle of Roundup, Montana Lazzeroni 7.82 Patriot Improved Nesika Model S Action built for Lazzeroni Magnums Shilen Match Grade SS barrel, stress relieved, cryogenically treated. 28” includes muzzel break, 1 in 12 twist. Kelby competition trigger. Custom laminated pillar bedded stock, inletted by Knapp, 2” to 2-1/2” beavertail fore end. Leupold Mk4 6.5-20X x 50mm. 30mm tube. With lighted reticle. Set of custom match dies 200 rounds of Lazzeroni 7.82 Patriot Improved loaded with 168 gr A-Max bullet, 70gr, 4831SC, Federal Primer. This rifle has fired approximately 50 rounds. Over $10K invested, Price is $6000.00 Serious inquires only please. Price does not include bipod pictured. Bokeelia $6,000.00 USD
Swndlehurst Swndlehurst Swindlehurst Action Benchmark Reverse Tapered Barrell Kelbly Stock DK Green mitalic paint Leupold 36 BRD Scope Harrel Tuner Gun alone $1600.00 Gun and Scope $2000.00 Buyer pays shipping from FFL to FFL DO NOT LEAVE MESSAGE ON BENCHREST I WONT SEE IT ETHER CALL OR EMAIL     Summerville $2,000.00 USD
Two Hall LV BR rifles - priced individually Two Hall LV BR rifles - priced individually these two LV Hall rifles have shot a combined 10 teen aggs at registered matches in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona in the last 4 years and neither have been fired in 2016 or 2017. they are ready to compete. the only reason i'm selling is because the stocks really don't fit me and my shooting style and i'll build what i want once they find new homes. $1700 EACH plus actual shipping. USPS money order. **scopes and rings not included** Rifle #1: -red rifle- 6PPC Hall M action with fluted bolt RBLPLE McMillan Edge stock with weight system Bartlein 4 groove barrel, .269 neck polished Jewell trigger Gunsmithing by Larry Baggett Rifle #2: - black rifle- 6PPC Hall D action with fluted bolt RBLPLE McMillan Edge stock with weight system Bartlein 4 groove barrel, .269 neck polished Jewell trigger Gunsmithing by Larry Baggett i'd really prefer to keep these two together as the headspace difference is less than 1 thou between the two and i could switch barrels around if needed. - $1,700.00 USD
Hall HV Scoville Hall HV Scoville **Sold** Hall B action, RBLPLE 6PPC, 262 neck Kreiger 4 groove Black Scoville 3" stock with weight system polished Jewell trigger Bolt coated with Melonite by Joel Kendrick smithed by Dwight Scott **Scope and rings not included** $1800 plus actual shipping to your FFL USPS money order this action has either one or two hall of fame points when shot by Bob Scarborough Jr. this is a great shooting gun but i've decided to go back and only shoot LV for all classes. - $1,800.00 USD
1980's Belgian Browning BAR 308 1980's Belgian Browning BAR 308 This is a really pristine gun that has been in my safe for 30 years I bought it new. It has a 3.5-10 Leupold mounted in Leupold rings and bases. Might have had 20 rounds innn its entire career. $1300 for the package Los Gatos $1,300.00 USD
Left handed turbo. SPF For sale Gorham smithed left bolt right port turbo with two muller barrels one eight groove and one four groove, both with tuners, McMillan straight line stock, and b&a trigger.  Gun has nightforce competition scope that can go with it or I will take it off. Gun only is 3000, with scope 4900. Any questions about gun give me a call or email me for pictures. Sold pending funds. oak grove $3,000.00 USD