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Guides the cleaning rod … AT THE CHAMBER …with long rigid stainless precision fitted tubes to provide GENUINE PROTECTION!

Prevents a cleaning rod from wearing a costly barrel's throat matter how hard you push and bow it!

The Barrel Saver bore guide is a PRECISION TOOL  made of the best materials for the Ultimate in barrel cleaning protection.

Machined to very close tolerances from rigid stainless steel and self lubricating Delrin to correctly fit your:

    1. Chamber with double O-ring fail-safe seal and tube straightness held to within .001".
    2. Action Bolt diameter for for true alignment.
    3. Cleaning Rod diameter for genuine support and positive "guide' action.

Originated for the PPC cartridge and .22 cal. cleaning rods, now available to order for 30 Cal. and other cartridges.

$190.00 + $11.00 shipping for PPC cases (custom sizes $215.00 and up, plus $11.00 shipping), includes two Rod Guide Tubes and spare O-rings.

The Barrel Saver is recommended by Dwight Scott, Tony Boyer, Dick Wright and many other winning shooters!

New  benchrest barrels cost $500 or more fitted to your rifle …make them last longer!

Sizes for Hall, Stolle, Grizzly, Farley, Remington, RFD, Nesika Bay, Borden, BAT, Viper and similar 2-lug actions.

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