View Full Version : 7-21-18 S. Ga. Results

s. ga. boy
07-21-2018, 01:15 PM
The rain held off just long enough for us to complete the match. As usual, Mike Cameron was on his game. S. Ga. Boy
IR 50/50 Sporter
1) Mike Cameron 248-12X
2) L. Worthy Jr. 246-11X
3) Bill Smith 242-9X
10.5 lB.
1) Mike Cameron 250-19X
2) Bill Smith 249-16X
3) L. Worthy Jr. 249-9X
13.5 lB.
1) Mike Cameron 250-20X
2) Bill Smith 249-17X
3) L. Worthy Jr. 249-10X
1) Mike Cameron 249-11X
2) Bill Smith 249-11X
3) L. Worthy Jr. 247-16X
1) L. Worthy Jr. 249-16X
2) Bill Smith 249-15X
3) Mike Cameron 248-10X
1) Mike Cameron 250-18X
2) L. Worthy Jr. 248-12X
3) Bill Smith 247-17X

s. ga. boy
08-03-2018, 08:50 PM
I recorded Bill Smith's Unlimited #3 score incorrectly. He actually shot a 249-17X, one of 5 straight 249s on the day. Nice shootin' Bill! S. Ga. Boy