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07-02-2018, 10:14 PM
We had another great weekend of shooting at Salem with about 3/4 of the active Air Rifle BR shooters in the Northeast in attendance, plus Ken Hicks from Florida and a couple of new shooters, JR (sorry JR, I didn't catch your last name!) who shot with us just to see what the game was about on Sat., and Mike Heverly from Western NY who joined us on Sunday for the Open matches. Hope both of them will become regulars in the future. With only about a dozen of us shooting in this part of the country we need all the new shooters we can get!!!

The weather for the weekend was hot on Sat. with highs in the low 90's and even hotter on Sunday with a high of around 96. It was extremely humid both days with the heat index near 100 Sat. to 105+ on Sun. Winds were relatively light with periods of near dead calm with some gusts up to 10mph. When the wind was light it was very switchy so it was hard to get more than a 5 shots off before the flags twisted again. The heat caused some strange changes in elevation as well.

We shot 3 matches on Saturday with 8 shooters for LV and HV, finishing both matches before we broke for a lunch of pulled pork and salads. Three shooters braved the heat to shoot Springer class at the hottest part of the day, all shooting FWB 300's. On Sunday we shot Open 25 meter and Open 50 yard classes, again finishing both before breaking for lunch of leftover pulled pork (First time I've attempted to make it and I guess it was good enough to eat twice:cool:), beans and the rest of the salads. The range is about 2 miles from the Battenkill Valley Creamery, a dairy farm that makes its own ice cream on site, and my wife brought us a few quarts of their awesome vanilla to help us )chill( We had enough prizes donated by vendors and shooters so the everyone went home with something. AOA donated the biggest prize, a $600 MTC Tactical 5-30x50 scope. DonnyFL donated a moderator, Ken Hicks and Southern Precision Air Weapons donated a sleeve of new style JSB Monsters, Paul Bendix sent two $50 bills, Rick Ingraham donated 8 of his hand tied brook trout flies, and there were a few other goodies to give out.

Here are the results by class, with complete target results attached below:
Light Varmint
Todd Banks (RAW) 729-22X
Ken Hicks (RAW) 726-25X
Chas DiCapua (RAW) 724-20X
Chris Sloan (Thomas) 716-11X
Mark Marini (Thomas) 714-12X
Steve Brookhouse (CZ200s) 713-16X
Rick Ingraham (Sumo Mini) 709-11X

Heavy Varmint
Chas DiCapua (RAW) 740-29X
Ken Hicks (RAW) 739-33X
Todd Banks (RAW) 737-24X
Mark Marini (Thomas) 725-18X
Steve Brookhouse (Dawson) 723-22X
Chris Sloan (Thomas) 714-13X
Rick Ingraham (Dawson) 701-13X
Howard Williams (Walther) 665-6X

Springer (All FWB 300)
Rick Ingraham 660-5X
Ken Hicks 647-6X
Chris Sloan 647-5X

Open 25 Meter
Rick Ingraham (Sumo .22)747-37X
Chas DiCapua (RAW .22) 746-51X
Chris Sloan (Thomas .177) 746-31X
Todd Banks (RAW .177) 743-35X
Mark Marini (Sumo .22) 743-34X
Ken Hicks (RAW .177)742-39X
Howard Williams (RAW .22)730-20X
Steve Brookhouse (Dawson .177) 723-14X
Mike Heverly (FX Crown .22) 703-7X

Open 50 Yard
Todd Banks (RAW .177)696-13X
Ken Hicks (RAW .177) 684-20X
Rick Ingraham (Sumo .22) 683-9X
Mark Marini (Sumo .22)680-13X
Chas DiCapua (RAW .22) 678-9X
Howard Williams (RAW .22)642-10X
Chris Sloan (Thomas .177) 606-7X
Mike Heverly (FX .22) 590-4X
Steve Brookhouse(Dawson .177) 580-5X

4 Class Agg Top 3(LV, HV, Open 25, Open 50)
Todd Banks 2905
Ken Hicks 2891
Chas DiCapua 2888

I hope everyone enjoyed the match despite the heat!

07-03-2018, 10:52 AM
A hard weekend for me , but I had a great time . It was great to make new friends and see old ones . If my health let's me , I am going to get back into it . I miss all the good people and shooting . ( I am going to do my best to see my health improve ) Thanks to Todd and Peat for all the hard work of putting on the shoot . I had a great time at a well run shoot . Hope to see you all soon .

07-05-2018, 07:44 AM
Thanks Todd for putting on another great match and thanks Pete for all that scoring!!

Chas DiCapua
07-05-2018, 11:16 AM
Thanks Todd and Pete for putting on a great match as always.