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05-31-2018, 10:50 PM
Since there isn't much going on here in this forum I wanted to share my new gun with members and visitors...

This is a RAW TM-1000 with a very nice French Walnut stock & 22 K gold oval set to perfection...The stock has a semi-gloss or semi-matte hand rubbed Tung Oil finish I personally did and It took 19 very light coats and about 2 weeks to complete...I

The project turned out really very nice and the wood to metal finish done at the factory is just OUTSTANDING!. See pics for wood blank and finished stock. Martin was very patient and did an extraordinary work and this project took a tad over 7 months to complete.

I didn't quite like the "Wood Step and Cut Out" where the action and barrel meet and where the filling port and gauge are located, so I requested the stock to be straight and in order to maintaining the proportions, the bottom area of the forearm was made with a slightly sharper angle like most fine English rifle manufacturers use in their custom guns (Holland & Holland, Rigby, etc.). A project with a happy ending but my friend Martin swore that he would never ever make another stock like this...His words: "It is just TOO MUCH in play and accidents happen...you know, like human errors or a failing cutting tool, etc."...It is too stressing, so NO MORE OF THIS ! " ;) Thank you Martin!

I made some custom parts and placed the air gauge and filling port at the front end of the Titanium tube and the filling port has a rotating sleeve that is closed after filling the air cylinder for preventing dust/debris from clogging the port and for making the probe hole disappear...I have this very same air filling set up in another PCP gun and it has worked like a charm for me and it looks very clean and not intrusive...

The action block and Custom Shop Leupold Comp 40 X scope were ordered with a custom serial number I requested...I added a removable forearm BR aluminum plate to the accessory rail for shooting BR.

The gun was very accurate out of the box as most RAW guns are, nevertheless, I took it all apart up to the last screw, "O" ring and Belleville washer...I then put it back together as I like to set and lubricate my guns (blueprinting)...

I Machined and sleeved a second barrel and after testing its accuracy I added a Titanium sleeve like the original barrel comes with, this barrel is shorter and I will use for FT...It doesn't have the extra 6 inches or so section of ported sleeve that RAW barrels come with... Both barrels are very accurate. I am currently customizing a Plano case that will carry Gun, Both Barrels, RAW Knee Riser, Wilkins Pouch, 2 pellet Tins and Gehmann Adjustable Butt Plate and lastly, I am making a flat aluminum plate that will replace the recoil pad that comes with the gun, this plate will be used for BR but will allow the Gehmann Adjustable butt plate to be screwed to the slightly larger screws that attach this plate to the stock (looks very neat and clean).

This BR site only allowed me to post 6 pics on this thread but I posted another 6 photos at: "Wanted to share my new project 2" which is here: http://benchrest.com/showthread.php?98963-Wanted-to-share-my-new-project-(Part-2)

I hope you all like this gun, it is one of those things that I've been wanting to do for quite some time.

Best regards,


Paul in Zhills
06-05-2018, 03:34 PM
Nice work Azuaro!