View Full Version : OG Results 5-13

Joe Friedrich
05-14-2018, 09:02 PM
Had 6 shooters for the first Match and 4 stayed behind to shoot the 2nd match for Mothers Day. Weather was cool, overcast, and windy.

Match 1:
1) Vipha Miller, 246-10x, 243-5x, 244-8x, = 733-23x

2) Doug Miller, 242-3x, 243-6x, 243-7x, = 728-16x

1) Bob Graybill, 244-6x, 243-7x, 243-7x, = 730-20x

2) Kim Zussman, 245-12x, 237-11x, 245-7x, = 727-30x ( Kim forgot to shoot a bull on card 2, bet it will not happen again)

3) Lou Fontana, 242-6x, 238-4x, 243-9x, = 723-19x

4) John Meyer, 242-9x, 240-3x, 240-5x, = 722-17x

Match 2: (By this time the wind was really switchy)
1) Kim Zussman, 248-15x, 246-6x, 248-11x, = 742-32x

2) Vipha Miller, 243-9x, 244-6x, 246-7x, = 733-22x

3) Doug Miller, 244-9x, 242-7x, 243-7x, = 729-23x

4) John Meyer, 233-3x, 240-4x, 241-8x, = 714-15x

Thank you for your support. Tim thank you for your help scoring.

The next match is undecided on the date. We have a big race on June 9th-10th. Will be in touch for a new date, Thanks.