View Full Version : Salem P & R Club State & Regional Sporter Match June 9 Yds & 10 Meters

Pete Roberson
05-04-2018, 01:31 PM
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1) Bob Griffin
2) Todd Banks
3) Klayton Hayes
4) Jack Szymaszek
5) George Boyle
6) Todd Cipolla
7) Tony Harper
8) Michael Poole

email [email] TKBanks98@aol.com

Pete Roberson
05-15-2018, 01:25 PM

05-29-2018, 08:32 PM
Just a couple of heads ups to everyone that plans to attend the Sporter Championships at Salem and any future matches. Pete has decided to step down after about 8 yrs of running IR50/50 matches at Salem and has handed the job back to me. I wanted to let everyone know that while attendance will be lower than normal this year, we will have enough shooters for the HOF points to count. We've got plenty of benches left and will welcome anyone that wishes to shoot, even if it's a last minute decision.
Looking forward to hosting my first IR50/50 Championship since returning to Rimfire last year,
Todd Banks
Pres- Salem Pistol and Rifle Club

05-30-2018, 06:10 AM
Todd, attendance may be lighter due to the match being moved up a month.
Also scheduling over other clubs in the region, what I believe was done intentionally, didn't help. A MD sent out a schedule for all the clubs in the region. There was no need for this.
In any case, welcome back & hope you have a good match.


Pete Wass
06-04-2018, 11:14 AM
but other more important issues must be seen to. Otherwise, I would be there. Look forward to the 3 Gun St and Reg coming up, if at all possible, we will be there.


Pete Roberson
06-04-2018, 01:46 PM
Looking forward to seeing you Pete!!

Pete Wass
06-04-2018, 04:09 PM
Looking forward to seeing you Pete!!

has been the highlight of my Rimfire shooting over the years. I have always felt I was Home when I visited. If i were to say, someday, end up living closer to Salem, I would be a regular.

Its a damn shame Easthampton quit. I sure loved going there. Best benches on the circuit and a decent place to shoot. Wish I could do something to make matches happen there again, I'd be all over it.

Looking forward to August Pete.