View Full Version : scope mounting

Gene DeLoney
03-14-2018, 10:40 PM
Currently I am using the same rail gun to shoot both rim fire benchrest and also regular BR.
With 2 different barreled actions, trying to use the same scope mounted to the rail top deesn't work to well.
When going from rimfire to 6 PPC not much of a problem as the group point of impact is not super critical.
But going back to the rimfire shooting for score it is a real pain to try to re zero the scope to hit where I want it to.
So I have decided to use 2 scopes mounted on the actions so as not have to change the zero each time a switch is made.
Most scopes are mounted on top of the block, or else where, but I have always thought that what if the barrel moved in relation to the remote mounted scope due to thermal expansion then the barrel would be pointed at a different spot than the scope. So, I feel that action mounting the scope MIGHT be advantageous.
Let the games begin!