View Full Version : Piney Hill IR5050 1-6-18

01-07-2018, 09:25 AM
We had a good turnout in the bitter cold yesterday at Piney Hill... enough for 2 relays again.

Don Kowalski won the inaugural 10-SHOT target and set the new World Record- 108 points.

Don also won the UL with a 750-56X.

Mike Poole got it done in the 3-GUN winning with a 749-49X. Mike tied the 13 1/2 lb. record with a 23X.

Full results will be posted on the ir5050 site soon but the 10-SHOT might tak a few days to sort out the new code for this new game.

We will have the Va. State and Mid-Atlantic 3 GUN tournaments on Jan. 20th. These will both be Yards only. Then on Sunday the 21st we will have the inaugural Va. State 10-SHOT match. This is a 3 target match and the Agg. will be setting the new Record.