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12-10-2017, 11:58 AM
Have any of yall ever tested the BR vs PPC in a rail? If so, what did you see? PPC still consistently easily out-aggs the BR?

Also, considering that a railgun, it seems to me atleast, isolates things down as close as possible to where the barrel and load are the main contributing factors to precision, does action choice still affect agg/group ability?

Last, is the barrel quality any more/less important than a bag gun? Ie can/will a so-so barrel on a bag gun make a better showing bolted into a rail? Is it easier/harder to find good barrels with a rail setup?

jackie schmidt
12-11-2017, 03:52 PM
This is just an opinion based on my own experience.

The single biggest advantage a return to battery platform has over a regular Bag Gun is it eliminates Gun handling problems. It also allows you to concentrate on the conditions. This comes into play particuarilly in the 10 Shot Format.

Many tout speed. True, you can physically cycle the Rifle from shot to shot quicker, as to whether that is a good thing is up to each individule and his shooting style.

Some of the recent Aggs tend to show that in the hands of an experienced shooter, a Rail is more capable of shooting really small Aggs than a bag Gun.

As for Actions, as long as it is a quality piece, I doubt brand has much bearing on it. I did take notice that Gary Ocock now has a Bat Neuvo on his Rail now, and is VERY pleased. That had a lot to do with my purchasing one for my new Rifle.

I have shot both 6BR and 6PPC barrels on my Rail. The bottom line is in the Short Range Benchrest, a Full size BR will not Agg with a PPC. A 30 BR is actually closer, (I have a 30 BR barrel for my Rail) to a PPC, but the added recoil is a problem.

As for barrels, the ID doesn't know what the OD is doing. The most accurate 6PPC barrel I ever owned was a LV 13 1/2 Krieger back in the mid 2000's. I shot more "teen" Aggs with that barrel than all the others combined.

The next was, (still is), a 1-18 Krieger in 30 BR. It's on it's 3D setback, but will still win.

12-12-2017, 09:33 PM
Have you ever seen anyone run the old school Mann device stationary V-block? Ie barreled action rotated upside down with two rings on the barrel to ride on and fires/recoils in a large V block bed..