View Full Version : ABRA Georgia Results 11.19.2017

11-20-2017, 09:42 PM
ABRA Georgia Match Results from 11/19/2017
Congratulations to Benji Matoy for his 1st place win in the unlimited class in Georgia's last match of the year.
Benji Matoy took high card on t1-191,t3 196,t4 192 for an overall aggregate of 192.25
Jim Haley took 2nd place taking high card on t-2 193 shooting an aggregate of 191.00
Ricky Haley took 3rd shooting an aggregate of 188.50
Harold Reynolds took 1st place in the Factory Class taking high card on t-1 178, t-2 175, t-3 176, t-5 175
Wade Haley came in 2nd shooting an aggregate of 168.25
New Shooter Mark Thomas took 3rd with an overall aggregate of 165.00
Unlimited Youth shooter Shelby Matoy took 1st place taking high card on t-1 189, t-2 183, t-3 189 and t-4 196
Morgan Mainor took 2nd shooting an aggregate of 153.50
Congratulations everyone what a great way to end the shooting season.