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10-03-2017, 10:12 PM
Kentucky State Match:

ABRA Kentucky had their final match of there on October 1st, 2017.
There were 3 new competitors for the State Match and I would like to welcome them to ABRA.
Randy Hermann, and Mark & Melinda Hacker

I would like to thank Steve DuVall for taking the on the role of Match Director again this year.
All the work that goes into it is not easy as all of us that have been Match Directors know.

Steve ended the year, winning the ABRA Kentucky State Unlimited Class with an aggregate of 192.167
He took high card on target # 1 with a 195, target # 5 194, and target# 6 with a 198.
Allen Taylor took 2nd place with an aggregate of 192.00 in the Unlimited Class.
Allen had high card on Target # 2 with a 193
New Shooter Randy Hermann came in 3rd place shooting an aggregate of 190 taking high card on target # 4 with a 193.
Bob Cornett took 4th place with an aggregate of 188.67
Benjamin Matoy took 5th shooting a 187.50 aggregate.
Ann Tucker took 6th place with a 183.667 steeling a high card on Target # 3 shooting a 191.

In the ABRA Factory Class Kentucky State Tournament winner was Art Shaffer shooting an aggregate of 182.00 his high cards were target #1 181, target #2 183, target #4 181 and target # 5 183
Michael Blackard took 2nd place in the Factory Class shooting an aggregate of 179.50. Michael had high cards on target #3 182 and target #6 188.

In our ABRA Kentucky Youth Class
Shelby Matoy took 1st place shooting an aggregate of 188.00
Her cards were 181,188,181,190,186 and 192
Colton Grayne took 2nd place shooting a 169.50 aggregate, cards were 173,155,168,172,174,175
Congratulations to all the shooters hope you had a great year Look forward seeing your scores next year.