View Full Version : Any BMG 50 shooters?

08-21-2017, 06:51 AM
I have a McMillan 50 and I haven't yet made the step to acquiring everything I will need for reloading my own. I have a .554 neck no. 3 Lilja barrel ( sp 505) with 'list Amax' stamped on it. I have 100 loaded rounds that will be fire formed soon. I am assuming the party I purchased the rifle from is qualified to make decent reloads for me. The samples I received had amax bullets and also some solid brass with an unknown (to me) powder. I will be sending the fire formed cases back to him soon for reloading and would like to know a 'ballpark' figure for that would put me close to the amount of jump or jam and also if I should stay with the amax bullets. I realize all guns are different but any advice will be much better than a blind guess from me. I also received a spare barrel with the rifle marked 'over the edge' 0710188BR' lazz bore rider' neck .554, no 6 K&P SS PTG 204. Any help will be greatly appreciated! P.S. After receiving the rifle and ammo I checked the chamber with an Amax bullet to se where the light jam was and realized some of my sample loads were just short of .500 jump (not a typo 1/2 inch!)

08-21-2017, 09:37 AM
AMax are still the best thing going, with custom solids being the only other competitive bullets. (Solids are "perfect", but lighter than lead, AMax are near perfect, and heavier.) Check out AAA Ammo for Harlow solids if you want to go that way. That 0.5" jump (with Amax) is not at all atypical.