View Full Version : Open Grove 8/13/17

Joe Friedrich
08-15-2017, 03:30 PM
Some of our local shooters are traveling so we had a light load. The weather was very nice though.

Light Varmint Class - Match 1
1) Dennis Kunkel, 246-8x, 246-8x, 240-2x = 732-18x, FTP 900

Heavy Varmint Class - Match 1
1) Kim Zussman, 250-10x, 249-11x, 248-10x = 747-31x, RAW
2) Wayne Morimoto, 248-10x, 249-8x, 246-6x = 743-24x, Thomas
3) Lou Fontana, 246-4x, 245-5x, 247-8x = 738-17x, Thomas
4) Bob Graybill, 241-12x, 244-8x, 246-5x = 731-25x, RAW
5) John Meyer, 218-0x, 235-0x, 230-2x = 683-2x, USFT

Heavy Varmint Class - Match 2
1) Kim Zussman, 246-6x, 248-16x, 246-8x = 740-30x, RAW
2) Lou Fontana, 246-4x, 247-11x, 246-6x = 739-21x, Thomas
3) Bob Graybill, 248-4x, 241-7x, 245-8x = 734-19x, RAW
4) Dennis Kunkel, 249-2x, 244-8x, 241-6x = 734-16x, RAW
5) Wayne Morimoto, 240-5x, 243-7x, 228-0x = 711-12x, Thomas
6) John Meyer, 217-1x, 214-4x- 227-1x = 658-6x, USFT

Nice to see the solid regulars and all had a great time for shooting and friendship. Dennis, in LV, had to work hard to win his class!

Thank you guys & Johnís wife, Betty, for scoring the targets.

Next Match September 10th.