View Full Version : Finally shot my Springer - - -

Pete Wass
07-30-2017, 03:17 PM
I finally got around to shooting the FWB 200S I bought a while ago. I must say, I'm pleased. After sighting in I was able to keep 5 inside the same ten ring so figure she is gonna shoot. Didn't do any pellet testing, etc as I was primarilly interested in sighting in and to see if there was any hope. There is :). I had two other rifles to work with. The EV2 shot great today as well so I guess I am all set for the NTL's. I'm sorry the US Production class didn't last. I think it might be fun to fool with some of the production guns as well as the Springers; better for us on "fixed Incomes" too. ( I also have a pretty good production rifle :).