View Full Version : Wilderness Road ARA Results Sunday November 6th

11-06-2016, 09:49 PM
Congratulations to the Winners
High Overall 6 Target Score 13300
Winner Joe Besche

Target 1 Winner Joe Besche 2150
Target 2 Winner Joe Besche 2275
Target 3 Winner Cliff Keesee 2400
Target 4 Winner Joe Besche 2225
Target 5 Winner Alan Blevins 2300
Target 6 Winner Chuck Tipton 2400

Our Next Match Will be A
ARA Club Match Sunday Afternoon November 20th
Starting Time 12 Noon
Come out bring a friend and enjoy the fun

For more information
Cliff Keesee 423-341-4600
Email keeseec@btes.tv