View Full Version : Faster twist - any merits to it for long range?

09-22-2016, 09:32 AM
Would there be any merits to a slightly faster twist for setting up 22lr for longer distances. Primarily shooting out to 250yds in some long range steel matches. Thinking about trying 14 twist. Looking at stability factors, most sub match ammo is around 1.35 give or take. 14 tw would bump that up to 1.7 and I'm wondering if that would make them shoot a little tighter across a wider temp spectrum and hold together at distance a little better.

09-27-2016, 04:03 PM
That's a really good question! I'm thinking that the more accurate barrel, regardless of the twist, would be the best choice but otherwise don't have a clue. 250 yards is a long, long way for a 22 long rifle bullet!!!

There was a fellow at the Oak Ridge, TN range that shot an entire brick of rather cheap ammo at 200 yards...iron sights. He was practicing his hold (long story) and never looked at the target but I did. There were a few shots that were way off but most of them were in the one foot bull. It's been a long time but I'll estimate a tenth of the shots missed the bull....50 or so....about 10 of them were way off. Standing, sitting, kneeling, etc...no rest involved! I thought that was pretty darn good!!!!!

Let us know what you find out please sir!