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03-16-2016, 10:24 PM
I just bought a Remington 7mm-08 Mountain Rifle. I have Hornady brass and the 139gr SST. I'm wanting an accurate load with IMR 4350. Can you guys help me out?

03-16-2016, 10:47 PM
Set the seating depth to just touching the lands, Start out with a "sissy" load shooting three shots...and work up from there. Keep in mind the typical indications of too much powder (pressure) and stop when you reach any of those. By the time you reach some reason to stop increasing powder you will have found the best load using that powder and that bullet. Now, fiddle with the seating depth a bit to see what happens.

If you don't know how to recognize pressure signs, then get a reloader manual of some kind. Had to add this.....

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03-17-2016, 12:38 PM
Start out somewhat lower than the maximum and increase about a half grain each time. Keep in mind that the max load listed is a rather "hot" load in a few rifles but will not be hot at all in other rifles. I had a 6mm/06 (forgot how to say it) that would be be just fine at one load but when I increased the powder a half grain it would blow the primer clean out of the case. Next pound of powder, the max load I had established, was entirely too hot. The primer blew out and the case stuck such that I had a difficult time with it.

All I'm sayin' here is that we sometimes tend to find the max load and shoot it there when a lesser load shoots as accurately or better. Try to avoid the max and search for the most accurate. You realize, I'm sure, that I can't say to go greater than the maximum load listed in your reloading manual.

Tell us a little more about your loading knowledge, your loading equipment and any other things you might think of. Could be that you know more than I do! Finally, and perhaps the better advice, quit looking for "pet loads"...there ain't no such thing!

03-17-2016, 11:15 PM
Finally, and perhaps the better advice, quit looking for "pet loads"...there ain't no such thing!

Ain't no truer words spoken. Each firearm is an individual, no two exactly alike!