View Full Version : well here we go again

01-26-2016, 10:08 AM
Seems there is a rumor floating around that I have sold and shipped J.D. Denoff 40k sierra jackets that he returned saying they were no good. This is not true I have never sold Mr. Denoff any jackets. Now he did order 50k and cancelled order. I do not or at least hope this has not come from J.D. as he knows it is not true, but if anyone is interested I can forward texts between J.D. and myself on this matter my cell is 618 420 5473 I hope this puts this rumor to rest. Now for the other rumor floating around concerning sta-moly buying and shipping seconds. This one is true I already have heard all the nonsense that they never existed and they were only bought for personal use. Again if your curiosity just has to know the TRUTH contact me I will be more than glad to supply pictures emails and a list of people that have seen them for themselves. George ------- remember I asked you how you wanted this to play out its all on you.