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12-11-2015, 01:11 PM

My name is Bob Simonson, Jr. Some may recall my Father, Bob Simonson, and the manufacture of custom bullet dies for the bench rest game. Ferris Pindel, a Bench Rest Shooting legend from days gone by once said my Father was one of the three best bullet die makers in the world. Well Ferris, thank you.

When my my father passed away in December of 2014, it was not only a grave loss to my family but to the bench rest shooting sport as well. I came to this forum in 2008 to discuss making dies and/or bullets and there was some interest. However life has a way of sidetracking things. I closed my personal business at the time and a year later return to an old career of security alarm and related services, starting my current business venture, a security and low voltage integration company in 2011. Now with a son in college and moving into my parents old home, I was face with a daunting task of going into the reloading area in the basement, much of it untouched since December 2007. As I began to take stock of the situation, I revisited the idea of rebooting the Simonson Bullet brand.

I make no claims. I haven't shot a bench rest rife in a competition situation since 1981. While I shot with my dad at many a match, even beating him a couple of times (non-sanctioned match, damn it) my pursuits lied elsewhere. I did not pursue the family business of Tool & Die but rather radio broadcasting and technical support of alarms, video surveillance, access control, telephone systems and AV systems were my career. That doesn't mean I lack the skills and resources to build dies and produce match grade bullets, but being out of the game, I have no idea the caliber and design needs of the jacked hand swagged bullets today.

BEFORE I invest time, energy, logistics and external resources in the assembly of existing dies and building new ones, I have ask the blunt question along with the fact finding ones...


And if so, what calibers, designs, quantities and price points?

As for dies, building custom dies is an expensive proposition. My father did it as a labor of love. He had the shop and the machine resources to do it. I would have to use outside resources to build the dies. A little bit more expensive to do. HOWEVER, replacement parts would be accessible from the beginning, if I proceed with the reboot.

If you have ANY suggestions, input or even conceptional ideas, PLEASE, feel free to contact me at bob at millenniumintegrated dot com. I will make every endeavor to respond to your e-mails..... or you can post further comments here. I will attempt to answer as quickly and forthright as I can.


Bob Simonson, Jr.
Kalamazoo, Michigan USA

01-07-2016, 10:49 PM
Hi Bob, I would say that there would be good sales in 95 and 105gr. boatail 6mm bullets at a price lower than 50$ per 100 for 105's.

Dusty Stevens
01-09-2016, 11:35 PM
The most important thing is to check availability of jackets. Aint none for a 95gr 6mm available anytime soon