View Full Version : Wilderness Road September 13th ARA Club Tournament Results

09-14-2015, 12:04 PM
We were blessed with another beautiful day
Partly Cloudy with light winds with Temperatures in the Mid 60ís

Congratulations To All The Winners
High Overall ARA 6 Target Total ( 13350 )
Winner ( Joe Besche )

Target One Winner Jim Ayers Jr 2250
Target Two Winner Jeff Langley 2300
Target Three Winner Joe Besche 2350
Target Four Winner Joe Besche 2300
Target Five Winner Jim Horton 2125
Target Six Winner Joe Besche 2350

Our Next ARA Match will be Saturday October 3rd @ 10 AM

Come Bring A Friend and Join The Fun

For More Information
Cliff Keesee 423-341-4600
Email keeseec@btes.tv