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Pete Wass
08-04-2015, 10:27 AM
I just read through another thread about bore coating and it brought to mind a bore coating I purchased years ago. The product is named Molly Fusion. The headlines on the instructions that came with it say "The world's first pH neutral, electroless plating product".

Patented 2 years before, this new technology will electrodeposit Molybdenum and phosphorus ions into a metal surface on contact.The metals in "Molly Fusion" share an electron with the base metal to form the strongest bond known in nature. The resulting permanent surface formed on your metal parts will have an extremely low coefficient of friction and will reduce the formation of corrosion.

There was the title of the bond created on their website when I bought this stuff that is the best bond known in nature. Not being a scientist, I don't know or remember the name of the bond. They said at the time that NASCAR engines used the treatment to extend the life of their engines. The sales pitch was the prevention or easing of fouling, ergo making cleaning easier.

We were just beginning to hold Rimfire Benchrest matches at our club ( around 1992) and some of us were looking to improve on our equipment. We had identified that fouling in Rimfire guns was not a good thing for accuracy. A close friend asked me to prep his barrel with the Molly Fusion. I did the prep according to the instructions and it did work. It also changed the tune of the rifle. That is to say, the ammo that was shooting in it previously was no longer accurate. He sold the rifle. I did not dare treat my barrels with it after that. I had too much ammo ahead at the time.

I did, however, apply it to the lugs on my 700 Rem HBR rifle bolt, to see if their anti-galling statement had any credibility. Well, they are still bright and shiny after all these years. I think it might be a fun experiment to try this again on a Rimfire barrel to see if it will reduce their fouling characteristics. To that end, I have a barrel that is a marginal performer and will try it on the near future and report back.


08-04-2015, 12:55 PM
Did he every retry other ammo in the rifle ? 22's being picking, maybe it just needed a different ammo.

Pete Wass
08-04-2015, 10:24 PM
Did he every retry other ammo in the rifle ? 22's being picking, maybe it just needed a different ammo.

Bought another like he had.