View Full Version : ABRA Boerne Match Results 06 27 2015

06-28-2015, 01:02 AM
What a great night for shooting! No Rain at all, went all the way around us.
I hope everybody enjoyed shooting in the evening, the conditions were a little tricky but not bad. Can not wait to do it again next month.

Overall Match Winner Joe Chacon target total 586 for an agg of 195.33


1st Place Joe Chacon agg of 195.33, he also had high target all 3 cards 195,195,196
2nd Place Dale Burnett agg of 191.667 his cards were 193,194,188
3rd Place Lisa Chacon agg of 191.33 cards were 190,192,192
4th Place Jack Harper agg of 190.667 cards were 191,191,190
5th Place Allen Taylor agg of 188.667 cards were 190,190,186

Factory Class

1st Place Wayne Argence agg of 179.333 he also had high targets all 3 cards 179,184,175
2nd Place Brian Vincent agg of 177.00 his cards were 178,181,172

Youth Unlimited:

1st Place Reese Jennings agg of 187.333 High targets all 3 cards 188,187,187
2nd Place Dustin Paradee agg of 178.333 his cards were 187,172,176

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next match.

http://i1281.photobucket.com/albums/a514/abra22lr/ABRA%20Boerne%20Match%20Results%2006%2027%202015_z psvdxh9hdo.jpg (http://s1281.photobucket.com/user/abra22lr/media/ABRA%20Boerne%20Match%20Results%2006%2027%202015_z psvdxh9hdo.jpg.html)