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STBE Harris
03-05-2015, 10:03 AM
I have a 30 year old Bald Eagle front rest (wow am I that old?) it has been my friend for all these years. But things are getting lose and breaking off after time, hmm on me too!. I could still probably get it going. I can't find a location for Bald Eagle. A search of the Web seems to go dry. The Precision Machine is site is gone. Some say it moved to http://www.woodstockint.com/brands/bald_eagle.aspx if you go there they have 3 things listed under sporting none are the rests. Yet I see the newer sling shot looking rests for sale. I have the old cast iron cross type. Anyone know if there is still a Bald Eagle rest manufacturer? If I try to restore this rest I want a new bag for the top. In fact I would like two one for wide bench guns and one for trapping and holding narrower forearms. The old top bag is adjustable for width but it is getting rather worn and it doesn't quite adjust narrow enough for sporting rifles. So let me pose these questions. Is Bald Eagle in existence? Are there other top bags that will fit the old Bald Eagle rests whether Bald Eagle or another maker? And if not I will be in the market for a good BR type rest that is in the medium price range that is good for BR and target work and has adjustable or replacement forearm size bags. Any suggestions? Thank you STBE Harris

03-05-2015, 11:42 AM
The Bald Eagle rest are sold by Bullets.com. They do look like the old Bald Eagle rest. Or go to Grizzly.com. It is the parent company to Bullets.com. By the way they are on sale. You can order parts for the rest thru Grizzly.com.

Hope this helps in your search.


bsc 4444
03-05-2015, 10:00 PM
Bullets.com is having a big sale on Bald Eagle rests. I purchased one...fast shipping and reasonable. This was my first rest, they were very helpful. They have sold so many there front bags I wanted were on back order. One call to Protektor and they made me a bag to fit. I realize they are not a SEB but for a first timer I think it will work great.

03-06-2015, 05:17 AM
Greenlaw Machine has adjustable windage tops that may be of interest to you. He can make the elevation post to whatever you need.
Great guy to deal with & a great product.


03-06-2015, 10:39 PM
Recently (end of last week) received a new Bald Eagle Cast Iron Slingshot w/Windage Top ordered thru bullets.com. It's replacing a Caldwell Rock Deluxe I've used for at least a decade, but wanted windage control. I'm duly impressed with it, and also the super-fast shipping and quick receipt. Ordered it on a Tuesday and received it on Friday.

Reasons for picking this rest: a friend has an old (2000-ish) Bald Eagle which I liked. And... the price for sure! $199 for the cast iron version, and $165 for the aluminum. I picked the cast iron because I wanted the added weight. Hard to believe they are selling for far cheaper than even the lowly Caldwell BR and the Sinclair BR rests.....

Since you already have the original and familiar with it, a few notes about a some changes:

Windage control is now through flex cable instead of a straight handle. This has caused some complaints about "backlash" of the windage control. The device itself has no backlash, but the spring cable does cause a "delay". Might suggest if you are going to use for competition convert the control to the "old style" instead of the cable... I'm pretty sure the original windage handle will fit.

The windage top has some minor design changes... for one the top is now set up for 4-5/8" bags (which are only available in the Bald Eagle brand... which is also on backorder). However it's simple enough to modify to the standard 5-5/8" bag by removing one of the two bolts retaining the "bag squeezer". I've installed Protektor bags on mine. The bag tie-down system has changed... now has a full-length bar on each side that bolts in the rest bag... at least I believe that's different than before... my friend has modified his old Bald Eagle top (bags held on via Velcro).

The mariners height control is reshaped (larger than the original) and easier to operate.

Unsure where the machine is made... used to be US made but now... ? (most likely China?) But at least craftsmanship appears to be very nice indeed.

The finish is also purtier than the original... a little thing but what the hey!!!

Dick Grosbier
03-13-2015, 10:35 AM
The finish is also purtier than the original... a little thing but what the hey!!!

Hard to imagine a purtier color than "Big Birds" flat Battleship gray (LOL)
I really cannot imagine what you could break or wear out on an original Bald Eagle rest.