View Full Version : Back in Palm Coast

Pete Wass
12-23-2014, 05:24 PM
We had an uneventful trip back t Palm Coast. We left CT last Tuesday mid-day and arrived here @ 4:30 PM last Thursday. Stopped to visit the grave of a Friend's Great Uncle who is burrid in the National Cemetery in Beufort, SC. He died in that area during the Civil War. My friend wanted some pictures for his family to see. Lovely cemetery.

The day after arriving I had some new Microsoft updates, which corrupted the files in Internet Explorer, why I have been off-line. Wonder if Bill Gates would pay the repair bill to fix the corruption? Not likely, eh?

I have been watching the discussion between BC and AH on WWA with a great deal of interest. Can't wait to see the movie over there; the Christmas Present. Other than Jackie's latest report, I haven't seen much of any interest on this ir any other site I have visited. Has Benhrest become that un-lively?

Happy Holidays,