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Aussie John
06-01-2014, 11:09 AM

Recently taken delivery of a new Randolph front rest. I have an issue with the horizontal adjustment and the knob that moves the rest from left to right. Rest is for a RH shooter.

When the top of the rest is at the further most left position the knob itself will completely unscrew with the slightest of finger pressure.
My question is should there be a grub screw to affix the knob to the internal shaft / thread.

Looking for some help/ advice

glynn angle
06-01-2014, 11:51 AM
Locktite !

bob finger
06-01-2014, 04:32 PM
Mine is now several years old. First I try to keep the horizontal centered so I don't bump into the stops. 2nd always try to move across the target from left to right so you are working into the spring. Going right to left you are working with the spring. That said I've never had the knob spin off unless I wanted to take it off. Don't attempt to put it on permanently because there will come a time when you want to dis assemble the rest and clean/lube it. I use mine almost daily and it gets pulled apart every couple of months for a lube job. I suspect it has been awhile so maybe today is a good time. Thanks for the reminder. bob

Shilo Sharps
06-01-2014, 06:49 PM
The knob is designed to come off. It is key to the easy conversion to a left handed rest. As mentioned above keep it lubed. Also keep a min. of 3/4 of a inch with the pegs, so the bottom of the rest does not rest flat on the bench. If flat on the bench, your pulley system on the bottom has a tendency to bind up. I learned the hard way.

Also Sears sell little round white bubble levels. Two ways I have seen used. 1. Use silicone gel and attach one to the top of the height adjustment knob, or 2. Buy three and with the silicon gel attach one to each of the leg adjustment screw heads. Excellent way to quickly level the rest.

06-01-2014, 08:06 PM
I added marks to the base, windage cradle, and windage knob to help me center the cradle.
I also take care when setting up on the bench to get myself centered on the target.
This way I have equal movement left and right and never have to worry about bumping into the stops.
And yes, as already noted, the knob is designed to come off.


Aussie John
06-02-2014, 04:49 AM

Thankyou for your counsel, advice and tips. They are appreciated. Randolph rests are quite rare in Australia so I am pleased those of you that responded provided advice based on your own experience.

Thankyou once again

Stay well

bob finger
06-02-2014, 07:45 AM
John: When you spin the windage control knob off you will see a push rod inside the threaded portion of the stub. Pull it out and clean and then lubricate that push rod then put it back together. If there was any resistance before it will likely be gone after a bit of lube. Do the same thing to the other horizontal control arm which holds the spring and plunger. Less often you should do the same thing to the vertical portion that holds the front rest. Just release the little lock near the top and run the control fully vertical then pull up on the post to clean and lubricate it. Sometimes the slot the lock screw rides in gets a burr and can cause a bit of a problem. Removing the burr will return the vertical to smooth as silk operation. Keep it clean and lightly lubed and the Randolph rest will serve your great grand kids as well as it does you. bob

Aussie John
06-02-2014, 08:46 AM
Thanks Bob for the additional maintenance information. As it happens I spoke with Steve Coleman this morning from Randolph Machine. Great guy, he explained some other items relating to their stands in general that I was ignorant of. One things for sure, the Randolph rests are a quality bit of kit. It's really good that equipment the likes of the Randolph stand are produced in the country of their origin. Fine American ingenuity combined with fine craftsmanship.

Stay well mate