View Full Version : Salem ?

Team Windsor
05-19-2014, 07:05 PM
Well...? How'd it go in Salem on Sunday? You guys are lucky Matt chose against that extra 3 hours drive. He kept us on our toe's
. I thought the Camillus gale's would have kept him away to protect his reputation, but he had no problem shooting against them. However....The wind's were surprisingly light on Sunday, and we had a great match. Saturday will be Wawarsing's opener. Hope to see all the regulars back for the Best match of the upper east coast, and maybe, If Bill's rested up enough....some of the famous Michigan dog's!!! And as many of you Don't know ...Gordon builds a potato salad almost as good as one of his sporters, and that's pretty Damn Good! Now Im hungry!!

Bill B
05-19-2014, 07:59 PM
Salem was a tough match. It was lots windier than predicted and very switchy. Bob Griffin shot a nice sporter score (249 -?), I won the 10.5 with a 249-13X, can't remember who won the 13.5 (sorry). I think Bob took the 3 gun. In the UL Pete Roberson was the man winning one target and shooting the only 250 of the day and the UL Agg. The winning scores were decent but it seemed everyone had there share of tough targets were the wind won out.