View Full Version : S. Ga. 4-12-14 Results

s. ga. boy
04-13-2014, 09:22 AM
We held SOTY#1 today and had some great shootin' weather. It started out around 50 degrees and was around 70 by the time we finished shooting. Conditions ranged from very little wind to some moderate gusting. Mike Cameron shot a blistering 250-23X in the 10,5 lb. Thanks to all who helped with the match and Congrat's to all the winners. S. Ga. Boy
IR 50/50 Sporter
1) Emery Smith 249-17X
2) L. Worthy Jr. 247-12X
3) Mike Cameron 246-10X
10.5 lb.
1) Mike cameron 250-23X
2) Richard Shorter 249-17X
3) Mickey Law 249-16X
13.5 lb.
1) L. Worthy Jr. 249-21X
2) Mike cameron 249-18X
3) Richard Shorter 247-14X
1) L. Worthy Jr. 248-14X FM=18
2) Mike cameron 248-14X FM=3
3) Richard Shorter 246-11X
1) Mickey Law 249-17X
2) Mike Cameron 248-13X
3) L. Worthy Jr. 247-12X
1) L. Worthy Jr. 249-19X FM=11
2) Mike cameron 249-19X FM=4
3) Mickey Law 246-13X