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Bill B
03-20-2014, 07:53 PM
Today at Gordon Eck's range we shot both of my 10.5 lb rifles to determine which one shoots better and will get the nod to open up my shooting season in Easthampton MA next month.

The competitors:

Turbo Mk 1 (old) RBLP, Muller Non-MI 6 groove barrel, Edge Stock, Jewell trigger, Sightron 36X scope

Stiller 2500X RBRP, , Rock Creek Cut 5 groove barrel TMBR stock, Jewell trigger, Sightron 36X scope (The Un-Calfee)

Shooting side by side, Gordon shooting the Stiller and me shooting the Turbo. We played "top my shot" shooting at the same target, we held center and shot simultaneously to see which one handled the wind better, we shot groups - all using the same lot of known good ammo (Eley Match).

The result: - - A tie!!! At the end of the day, after shooting for several hours, we couldn't pick out a clear winner. Both rifles shot superbly - better than expected considering the conditions (windy, switchy with tons of mirage). There was a winner in the "top my shot" match - Gordon, shooting the Stiller.

Considering my Turbo has more rounds thru it and was campaigned last season with some success, the fact that the Stiller stayed with it all day with a barrel that hasn't had many rounds thru it leads me to think that the Stiller may end up being the better rifle.

So anyone wondering how these 2500X shoot (especially considering all the bashing by the WLM) compared to the older Turbo, this was our result. Same gunsmith, same chamber, same ammo, same conditions, same results.

03-20-2014, 08:17 PM
Another session or two with a different lot could be helpful, no?

Bill B
03-20-2014, 08:25 PM
Another session or two with a different lot could be helpful, no?

I've shot two good lots thru the 2500X with similar results. Over time one may prove to be a little better, but right now, they are very very close. Additional sessions could be helpful, but will certainly be fun.

03-21-2014, 05:57 PM
As Bill said. Stillers 2500x will shoot with anything out there. I have barreled several and they ALL have shot very well.

Jerry you got a winner!!!!!!