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Tom Libby
02-09-2014, 12:19 PM
Sponsors for Shooters

World Benchrest Championship Australia 2013

I just receive a full list of Sponsors and Shooters that donated funds to help US that made the USA Team. I do not have their emails and all their address to thank them separately so I am asking if possible that I could post a short Thank You to ALL that helped US.

Bartlein Barrels, Shilen barrels, Kreiger barrels, Bat Machine, Kelbly’s, Lester & Doris Bruno, Chris Harris, Fairchance Gun Club, Lowell & Barbara Hottenstein, Trout (Bill Green) Dave Coots, The Shooters Corner (Bob & Edna White) Dave & Jane Woodward, Gary Sullivan, Bart & Billy, Stan the man Buchtel, 6mmppc.com (Chuck MacCluer) Harley Baker, Terry & Pam Meyer, Andy Shifflett, Paul Mitchell, Howard Payne, Don Harteman, Bill Brawand, Jerry VanSickle, and Two Anonymous you know who you are Larry Costa & Manny Garcia.

Also a Big thanks to Berger Bullets that supplied the Team Shirts and Wayne Campbell for the hats.

Auction items donated by:
Don Nielson, Nell Watson t-shirts donated by Clay Spencer, Dave Holbolm and PMA Tool.

To all of the above people to have helped send the USA Team to Australia I want to Thank All of You for Your Support for Our Benchrest Team and my all of you be watched over and shoot well this coming year.

Thank You
Tom Libby