View Full Version : Let's hear it for our custom bullet makers.

James M.
09-13-2013, 06:37 PM
If there was ever a group that needs our thanks, it is the custom bullet makers. I started shooting short-range centerfire Benchrest in 1997. Many of the bullet makers who were prominent then are deceased now. I think about Myles Hollister who made excellent bullets and was always ready to give a new shooter some valuable tips. Also, Jef Fowler made well over 4,000,000 bullets for those of us who shot BR. Guy Chism was another who has passed and was truly a great bullet maker. His .30 caliber bullets may well be the gold standard to those who make bullets in that caliber today. Ed Watson was one of the finest bullet makers and we miss him greatly. Del Bishop was a premier bullet maker and friend who also is missed by many.

In my days of writing for P.S. magazine many of the bullet makers have been very kind to me. R.G. Robinett , Bart Sauter, Ronnie Cheek, Terry Meyer, Jef Fowler, Don Gentner, Jerry Lahr, Ed Watson, and Speedy Gonzalez have provide bullets for testing in different rifles.

I am afraid that I am leaving out some who should be given credit. Lowell Hottenstein, Clay Spencer, Ralph Council, Lester Bruno, and Armand Pagliai (Sp ?) in addition to those named above have provided the shooting community with excellent bullets over the years. I have shot bullets from each of those named and they are all excellent. I, too, have shot a great number of Berger bullets.

Thank you for providing a "labor of love" for us to shoot. Bullet making is not a money making proposition and may be less profitable than dumpster diving; so thank your bullet maker when you talk to him. James Mock PS- I knew that I would leave some out of the list of makers that I have tried. I have shot great bullets from Brian Rubright, Cecil Tucker, and Rich Griffin. There are probably others. James