View Full Version : Moly coated /old info

08-14-2013, 02:26 PM
After all these years is there any proven info that states that if you shoot moly coated bullets that the barrel will not last as long as with out ? Even if cleaned properly.

If a 6ppc barrel is shot for 1,000 rounds in a year what is the life expectancy either way ?

I know that the layer under the moly is supposed to deteriorate but don't BR shooters change their barrels before this might happen do to loss in accuracy?

08-15-2013, 11:31 PM
But years ago when moly first gained attention in the shooting world a friend of mine (a High Master shooter) who shot Service Rifle competition purchased a Colt heavy barrel AR15. The factory Colt barrel lasted about 5800 rounds with naked bullets. By-the-way, that Colt barrel was one of the best he's ever put on that rifle. His second barrel was an Openhiemer (not sure of the spelling here) with which he shot moly coated bullets exclusively. It also lasted about 5800 rounds (no increased barrel life). However, it did foul a little less so he keeps using moly. Since there is no time for cleaning, one has to shoot the whole service rifle match without cleaning.

In the Benchrest crowd I shoot with, it's about 50/50 naked bullets to moly coated bullets.