View Full Version : Wallkill Results IR 50/50 05/05/2013

Bob Griffin
05-07-2013, 09:49 AM
Sorry for the delay in posting the results, we had a beautiful sunny day Sunday, the wind not so \nice. Some had it figured out as several 250's were shot. Really had a good time hope all that attended did as well. Please come Back. Congrats to everyone.

Sporter Melvin Eck - 247 13X, Pete Roberson - 246-14X, Gordon Eck - 245-12X
10.5 Pete Roberson 250-18X, Gordon Eck 249-18X, Bill Buskey 249-14X
13.5 Ken Alfredo 250-17X, Pete Roberson 249-17X, Paul Vobecky - 249-13X

UL1 Pete Roberson 250-17X, Ed Longo 249-15X, Paul Vobecky 248 15X
UL2 Pete Roberson 250-15X-FM 7, Ken Alfredo 250-15X - FM 3, Bill Buskey - 246-14X
UL3 Ken Alfredo 249-15X, Pete Roberson - 248-14X, Bill Buskey - 248-13X