View Full Version : Easthampton Fish and Game 4/27 - IR 50/50 Results

04-27-2013, 08:32 PM
The first match of 2013 brought out 12 shooters. Welcome to Paul Vobecky and Dennis Robare at their first match at Easthampton.
Thanks to all for a wonderful day!

Here's the winners of the day's matches:

1 - Al Hadfield 248-12X
2 - Bob Hill 246-9X
3 - Tim Wagner 245-11X

1 - Penny Hadfield 250-17X
2 - Bob Hill 249-12X
3 - Al Hadfield 246-17X

1 - Al Hadfiled 249-17X
2 - Walt Tarka 249-15X
3 - Paul Bendix 248-14X

1 - Ray Hill 250-14X
2 - Paul Vobecky 250-13X
3 - Bob Hill 249-14X

1 - Pete Roberson 250-18X
2 - Paul Bendix 250-15X
3 - Paul Vobecky 249-18X

1 - Penny Hadfield 250-17X
2 - Paul Vobecky 250-16X
3 - Walt Tarka 248-18X


Dave Shattuck
04-27-2013, 10:08 PM
Seven 150's? That must have been quite a day indeed. And I'll bet Al's happy too with his new Sporter, plus it looks like the time - and money - that Paul spent down there at that Texas tunnel paid off as well.

Congratulations to all!


04-27-2013, 10:25 PM
Al, you and Penny haven't lost your touch. Good shooting.

Al Hadfield
04-29-2013, 04:58 PM
Al, you and Penny haven't lost your touch. Good shooting.

Thanks Jim, good to see you are doing well also. :D

The conditions for the Three Gun were a bit tricky but handleable. By the time the UL started things got some tricky. You notice this 'ol boy got left in the dust. :( Congratulations to Ray, Pete, and Penny for some fine shooting under less than optimal conditions.

It was good to meet Paul Vobecky and Dennis Robare, I hope we get to see you both through the season. Dennis, you did good for the first time out.

As always, thank you Michael and a big thanks to Maryellen for the tasty treats!

We are looking forward to this Saturday at Angle Tree.


04-29-2013, 11:10 PM
Michael Thanks for another well run match ! Lunch was great as well. What a great group of shooters...makes for some tough competition. Al, nice showing with the new sporter..Penny and Paul Vobecky ..great pair of 250's..Ray Hill with a nice 250 for the first card of the season. Also sweet 250's ,Pete and Paul Bendix... it was a pleasure shooting with you all.