View Full Version : Boron Nitride Coating Problems

04-19-2013, 01:18 PM
I had a friend suggest that I coat my bullets for my 6.5-284 with Boron Nitirde, I followed the directions that I found on the forum by using a tumbler and using small bottles filled about half way with #6 steel shot and then add the bullets and boron nitride and tumble for 2-4 hrs. I even used the AC6111 grade boron nitride in alcohol to pre-treat the barrel.
The coating seems to be inconsistent during the application. I am getting 100 f.p.s. extreme spread when I use the coated bullets. Up till now I have been getting 25 f.p.s. or less for extreme spread. This is a new Shilen barrel with 25 rounds non-coated bullets used initially then followed by 25 coated bullets.

What am I missing here?

John Kielly
04-19-2013, 05:27 PM
Not a thing. There's more than one of us who read our chronographs & targets & concluded that the product doesn't match the hype.

I concluded after trying three styles of coating that the stuff doesn't stick or doesn't stick consistently & certainly comes off far too easily. Bare or molied are both more reliable & useful for my applications.

04-19-2013, 08:03 PM
i have no problems with coated bullets,i dont use the bottle method,i use copper plated bb's in a vibratory tumbler & just mix the hbn right in,plates great in about 2hrs,have found that you really need to clean the bullets with choke cleaner & rinse with high test alcohol then let dry before putting them in,the cleaner the better,haven't noticed any gains in accuracy but i can shoot a whole score match without cleaning & little to no loss in accuracy,you will have to go up a little in your powder because of the slickness of the bullets to reach the same pressure of your previous load