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Boyd Allen
03-21-2013, 04:03 AM
Most of my 6PPC experience has been with 133, and today it occurred to me that I needed to forget that, and let LT 32 talk to me about what IT likes.

In the past, with 133, I have found that things that raised starting pressure, were an advantage, seating various distances into the lands, and using bushings that produced bullet seating force that was on the high side.

Today, I let go of that for a while, jumped the Columns a bit, used the lower node (27.4+-) and increased sizing bushing ID to produce bullet seating force in the medium range. Mind you, I didn't start that way, and by the time that I finally tried these changes, time was getting short, but I think that there may be something there. It looks hopeful.

I would be more definite, but the range that I shot at has a lot of good points, but its benches are not one of them. The horizontal movement of the cross hairs, on target, at 100 yd., going from heavy leaning on the back of the bench, to no contact, amounted to about a foot, forcing me to adopt a style of shooting that looked more like sighting in an elephant rifle, than shooting a benchrest rifle. There wasn't a sign of a diagonal brace anywhere. It gave a whole new meaning to follow through. The good part was that the range was deserted, the temperature in the 70s, and I can fix the bench problem, (by taking a four legged portable that I built using 1 1/2" pipe for legs, next time). It seemed like such a waste, there was a low cloud cover, and almost no wind at all, the whole time that I was there. What I would have given for a good bench. Like I said, it looked like I might have found what it likes. One more trip, should tell.

One more thing that might be of interest. According to a couple of very good sources, the winner of the 2 gun at the Cactus (Lester Bruno) and another 12 or 13 of the top 20 shot LT 32, so I have reason to think that there is something there worth looking for.

03-21-2013, 10:57 PM
Thank you Boyd for your time and effort. I appreciate you sharing your information.
I find that your comments are always interesting,educational,and worth listeing to.


Boyd Allen
03-22-2013, 12:47 AM

Roger T
03-22-2013, 03:00 PM
Are you using .258-.259 bushings or other ?

Boyd Allen
03-22-2013, 03:08 PM
.258 in my Harrell's , and a Hornady one piece die that is about perfect for this application....very straight brass, and necks like a .258 bushing. I have kept the die around for when I need to size to the shoulder, when returning necks a little thinner, but it seems to be perfect for this powder. It sizes the base perfectly, an the shoulder a tad more than I might want, but the results are excellent.