View Full Version : 2013 ARA Schedule, United Sportsmen's Club, Jefferson City MO.

03-18-2013, 06:09 PM
2013 ARA Schedule United Sportsmen's Club Jefferson City MO.
I will be taking the Match Director duties this season for the United Sportsmen's Club.

I just recently sent the 2013 schedule to the ARA but wanted to make sure everyone got the dates on thier calendar.

We will be shooting on the same weekend as the Owensville Gun Club in Owensville MO.
For the most part Owensville will shoot on Saturdays and we will shoot on Sunday. We are hoping this may draw more out of the area shooters.

All matches are 6 target outdoor unlimited ARA and start at 9 AM.

Sunday April 14
Sunday May 5
Sunday June 2 Tournament
Saturday July 27
Sunday August 18 Tournament
Sunday September 15

Hope to see you there.

Charlie Peters