View Full Version : Night Shoot Competition at Big Piney Sportsmans Club in Houston, MO

02-24-2013, 08:15 PM
at 7pm on 9 March Big Piney Sportsmans Club (in Houston, MO) will be conducting a night shoot competition. Course of fire will be in 100 yd increments from 600yds to 100Yds. Targets will be full size paper sillouhettes with a shot for bonus points to be announced. Total round count will be less than 50 rounds. All firing will be from the prone position, bipods and front rests are ok.

Targets will have a chem light hanging at center mass of the chest area. There will also be a set of lights trained on the targets, so they can be observed with out night vision devices. Regular scopes work fine.

I'm not sure on entry fee, in the past it has been $20 per shooter.

This has been a blast, I encourage you all to come out and join in the fun.