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Rod M
06-22-2012, 04:19 PM
I was at VHA Northeast Regional Match on the second of June. While getting zeros the day before the match, a gust of wind blew my rifle off the bench and it landed on the eye piece of my March 10 X 60 scope. It bent the body tube, erector assembly, cross hairs and everything in the eyepiece including the zoom ring. I thought it might be a total loss. I talked to Jim Kelbly and he told me to email the Deon Optical Design Corp. They gave me instructions on how to send it back. I shipped it out on the 6th of June. They emailed me when it arrived, sent another email when they had it apart detailing the necessary fix including pictures of the damaged parts and the new parts. They sent me a third email when they shipped it out with tracking information. I received the scope back on the 21st of June for a total of 16 days from shipment to having it back in new condition. I have never had such good service from any of the larger scope manufactures when I had to send scopes back for repairs. Thank you Deon Optical Design Corp. for such excellent service!

Rod Morton

Chism G
06-22-2012, 07:15 PM
I had a similar experience as yours. My March scope was dropped,while on the gun. It took a pretty good whack on the left side. It appeared to be OK from what I could determine from target examination. I sent it back to Deon Optical Inc, Nagano-Ken,Japan , just to make sure.

They did their routine inspection,which includes a complete scope disassembly(On every returned scope) and installation of new internal components. I've been told that when they disassembled the scope, some of the old parts are not reusable. Makes sense to me.

They e-mailed a picture of my scope,with the internals removed and the new parts that were replaced. I could see the serial number on the empty tube of my March Scope. I assume they purposely showed the serial# as proof of their inspection. They didn't find a problem with my scope.

I have sent several scopes back to US manufacturers for repairs in the past.but I have never seen photographs of the internal components. I'll take visual aids over word of mouth any day. I got a five year warranty on my March Scope. Seems kinda limited when you compare it to another manufacturer. But,you only get a three year limited warranty on a brand new $200,000.00 Ferrari. Quality comes at a price.

I mailed the scope on May 12,2012 and got it back May 30,2012. Now that's service in my book. The scope works fine. The shooter,now that's another story.


06-23-2012, 09:58 AM
A gust of wind blew the rifle off the bench? WOW that's some wind. I'd take a break too!!!

06-27-2012, 10:06 AM
Was there any charges for the repairs?


Chism G
06-27-2012, 05:00 PM
Was there any charges for the repairs?


There was no charge for the routine replacement of internal components after disassembly/inspection and replacement of the side focus knob on my Scope. I paid for express shipping to Japan(One way).