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05-23-2012, 09:17 PM
I recently bought a post 64 long action Winchester model 70. It has a Douglas xx barrel chambered in 30-06 that is 1.2 inches in diameter the whole length, and is 25 inches long. Yep, it's heavy. I was told that the previous owner wanted to build an across the course gun out of it, but passed away before it was finished. The front and rear sight bases are installed. The stock.........well, it ain't gonna work. It has been inletted improperly. It is off too far to one side, and it binds the action. I need to get another stock, as well as the bottom metal. The barrel seems to have been properly installed by a gunsmith. The floorplate and trigger guard seems to have been done by someone other than the guy who installed the barrel. It is a one piece concoction that.....naw, it ain't gonna work. I think that the receiver was probably one of the more economy grades of the model 70 that didn't have a floorplate, and someone wanted to get a match gun built out of what he had.

The gunsmith initials are MW with the M above and to the left of the W, and connecting to the W in one long stroke. M
.................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ......W Sorta like what I have tried to make here. The date on the barrel is 8/79. I bought this in Lexington, Kentucky recently. IF anyone might know who the gunsmith was, I would appreciate it. LONG SHOT, I know.

The action appears practically new, and the barrel hardly seems like it was shot.

I have found a stock I like, but it is a pre 64 Marksman stock, that conveniently enough, has apparently had a barrel as big as mine in it at some time.

1. Will the post 64 action fit properly in the pre 64 stock? I don't know if there are differences in dimensions between the actions.

2. Where can I get the proper bottom metal?

I hope that stock will work, as I prefer the older looking stocks.

Any and all help is appreciated!



05-24-2012, 08:38 AM
Hole spacing is different on that stock from yours.

05-26-2012, 09:33 PM
One source for a stock may be stockys. Kiff may make the bottom metal you need.
Hope this helps

05-28-2012, 06:13 PM
If your sure it's a post 64 gun you will need what is called two piece bottom metal which you can get from Brownell's or Dave Kiff at Pacific Tool. Winchester still made the wood target stocks into the late 80's and you'll need to check Gun Broker or maybe Ebay for a used one. No new ones that I know of. May need to inlet barrel channel, actions will be the same for all versions of Model 70s wheather it was a 670 or 770. Check with some of the Big bore shooters for suggestions on getting parts. Winchester still has some parts for the New Haven made guns so you can check there as well. I am sure their are lists around for the High Power shooters or try Accurate Shooter.com and find German Salazar on that list. Post a message there and he'll show up. He hangs out there and is a high power shooter in Phoenix. I believe he still shoots a Winchester bolt gun iin 30-06.


05-30-2012, 11:17 AM
Kiff may make the bottom metal you need.

+1, I recently bought an Oberndorf-style floorplate from PT&G that fits my Winchester Ranger (.270, post-64 long receiver with blind mag and cheap stock) perfectly.


It needs some filing and polishing to clean it up, but I think it'll be pretty sharp when finished and in a walnut stock where it belongs.