View Full Version : Open Grove Results 5-13-12

Joe Friedrich
05-14-2012, 03:29 PM
We had 7 shooters show up for a nice morning of shooting.

Results: LV
1) Linzie B, 229-5x, 239-7x, 237-2x, = 705-14x EV
2) Vipha M, 232-1x, 237-4x, 236-3x, = 705- 8x USFT
3) Tim M, 222-1x, 231-4x, 241-8x, = 694-13x USFT
4) Russ H, 229-6x, 231-3x, 230-2x, = 690-11x EV

Results: HV
1) Jim H, 241-5x, 246-11x, 241-4x, = 728-20x Custom
2) Matt L, 233-3x, 235-5x, 238-5x, = 706-13x Steyr
2nd relay, 224-2x, 224-3x, 232-2x, = 671-7x Steyr Matt tried light pellets for this series of three cards.
3) Russ H, 232-2x, 234-4x, 232-5x, = 698-11x Steyr

Results: Open
1) John C, 240-5x, 227-7x, 239-7x, = 706-19x Rapid

On Johns second card he shot a great 247-9x but managed some how to load 2 pellets moving to a sighter which cancelled out 2 of his record bulls.

Thanks to all that made the journey to shoot on Mothers Day. Happy Birthday Matt, thanks for the treats, they were delicious.


05-15-2012, 10:25 PM
Thanks for the results.

Shot with AL and Penny this weekend. AL is doing Great with his new shoulder.


Joe Friedrich
05-16-2012, 12:53 AM
Your Welcome Paul, Congrats on your 250, great shooting. Thanks for the info on Al, will give him a call.