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01-15-2012, 07:44 PM
Test match

3 Hammerli Pnuema showed up with one not shooting due to scope problems.

2 Hammerli Pnuema were shooting by PSC rules on the 50 meter target at 25 meters

Joe Isaack used a cheap front rest (no mechanical adjustments were made) One useless barrel band removed.

Hammerlie Pnuema at current internet retail price 249.00 Simmons 6-20x44 estimated cost 139.00

Bob Zimmerman used a leather front bag sitting on a Old alum. (base no adjustments made.) Barrel Bands removed.... big mistake.

Hammerlie Pnuema at current internest retail price 249.00 BSA 36x44 Internet retail 79.00 scope no longer manufactured.

Wind conditions 15 mph plus in wooded area. Major gust and direction shifts due to heavy wooded sides of range.


240 3x
238 1x 711 11x
233 5x

223 0
221 3x 650 4x
206 1x

Bill DNF

We will try the 25 meter target at 25 meters next match.

Bob Zimmerman feeling really whooped!

01-16-2012, 01:29 PM
Its a good start. Its better to have somewhere to improve to, right? We had a good match yesterday, with nine shooters ... which is huge, for my range. We use a custom target, so the scores aren't so high, but its easy to score and we can for sure tell who is doing better, relatively speaking.

Several guys shot open class guns AND simple sporters (and some in-between), and it was clear that "bags only", ESP when hand-held in the rear is REALLY challenging.

Wayne Burns
01-16-2012, 02:14 PM
Hey Bob,

It's great you're testing the ideas were bantering about. Those look similar to the scores we got with the stock "out of the box" Marauder... and our conditions were pretty tough too. We used the 25m target at 25m, but I don't see that much difference in the potential scores from either the 50m or 25m target.. both are tough with "production" class rigs under $700.

I shot with LD at his place a few weeks ago, and I like his "sporter" class a little better than the "production" class with the $700 limit, but they are similar enough for starters...

I know the feeling of "really whooped", and I can live with it... for now:-)

Keep up the good work!

Wacky Wayne

01-19-2012, 10:44 AM
Great job Bob!...........an interesting combination of inovations to get the job done. Looks like the KISS method of managment still applies.