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Charles E
12-11-2011, 10:04 PM
In another thread I started, Bob Finger said:

Charles: You can use a one piece rest in IR50 Unlimited, ARA RBA Unlimited and PSL. The weight classes of IR50 and RBA REQUIRE 2 piece rests with the rifle on sand both ends. There are ways to adapt a rear mechanical to meet the sand requirement. The rules do not say they have to be sandbags like most of us are used to. Look at the Ken Fulghum rest, both one and 2 piece. The small, glued on sand tubes are legally "sand bags". There are others too that are legal, but I'm most familiar with the Randolph Machine tops....that is Kens' company name. Perhaps you could adapt Kens' rear V bag on his one piece to your 2 piece mechanical rest....I suspect it would be legal to do so.....bob

OK, I understand unlimited. But for the 13.5 pound class and the 10.5 pound class based on it, the implication of the rules, as I read them, is that the rear rest may not be mechanical.

The IR-50/50 rule seems quite clear:

Rear rest must be a sand bag with no adjustable or mechanical means.

The ARA seems to allow 1-piece rests, even in Sporter class.

The RBA rule seems less clear, but the the intent seems to be that a mechanical rear rest is not allowed, even though the "no mechanical" wording is not specifically found in the rule:

Front rest must be topped with some form of sandbag. Rear rest must be a sandbag. Sandbags must be made of leather or cloth. The front and rear rests will not be connected to each other, the bench or the gun. Only sandbags can touch sides and bottom of stock except that a thin plastic film or cloth may be attached to the stock where it touches the bag only for the purpose of reducing friction between the stock and sand bag. When rifle is raised straight up, the front and/or rear rest must not raise up with rifle. If the front and/or rear rest raise up with rifle, the front and/or rear rest must be weighed with rifle to determine eligibility. Front and rear rifle rest must be on top of the bench but not attached to the bench. Sand bag and rest rules do not apply to the Unlimited Class. (Emphasis added)

As best I can tell, only the ARA does not prohibit a mechanical rear rest, and in fact allows a one-piece rest even in the 8.5 pound sporter class.

Do I have this right?



bob finger
12-12-2011, 07:35 AM
Charles: Yes, you have it right. I did not take the time to re read the rules before typing my response above. I covered myself by saying " I suspect", I guess. I have a mechanical rear rest and know I cannot use it in IR50 and RBA weight classes, but mine does not have any sand. Sorry! You are good to go in ARA and PSL and UL in both IR50 and RBA. No rules is sometimes a good thing. bob ps the mechanical rear rest has to be lined up VERY carefully if I expect it to be competitive with the one piece rigs.

Bill Wynne
12-12-2011, 12:10 PM

You need to contact James Pappas. He knows everything about all the different 22 benchrest venues. He knows more about different rests than anyone and he will gladly share a portion of that knowledge with you. His number at his shop in Fort Worth is (817)735-9883.