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bob finger
10-29-2011, 08:33 PM
Piney Hill results 10/29/2011

With snow coming down fast and furious a hardy group braved the weather and showed up at Piney Hill today for an IR50/50 3 gun and unlimited venue.

1st Bill Hingegardner 250-17x
2nd Dennis Drake 250-12x
3rd Brandon Alrud 249-18x

1st Dennis Drake 250-19x
2nd Wendell Dean 250-17x
3rd Garth 249-22X

1st Bill Hinegardner 250-20x
2nd Brandon Alrud 250-18x
3rd Wendell Dean 250-18x

1st Bill Hinegardner 250-17x
2nd Wendell Dean 249-19x
3rd Ken Camper 249-18x

UL-2 7 250's shot
1st Bill Hinegardner 250-21X
2nd Wendell Dean 250-21X
3rd Galen Simmons 250-18X

UL-3 again 7 250's shot
1st Ken Camper 250-25X Yes a perfect Card!
2nd Wendell Dean 250-21X
3rd Bill Hinegardner 250-21X

Join us on November 5-6 for the IR50/50 UL Nationals at Piney Hill. bob

10-31-2011, 10:31 PM
Not to be a smart a$$, but 260-25x is pretty impressive. Awesome shooting Ken, Seriously.